Dream Time

Dreams Really Do Come True
by Caroline Finnerty

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to experience that feeling that every writer dreams about: holding your book for the first time. Your book. When my box of author copies arrived I tore open the box – well not exactly – it involved hacking through the brown tape with a butcher’s knife and stabbing the cardboard with a scissors to get my hands on them.
And then I held my newborn book for the first time.

Of course I had seen the artwork before then but the colours were so much more vibrant in reality. It looked far better than I could have imagined. Running my fingers over the raised text on the cover, seeing my photo on the back cover. Every page is like an old friend, all those familiar words. Seeing my name at the top of every even page, the title on the odd ones. I have my own ISBN, my moral rights have been asserted … All small, silly things but for a first-time author it is a magical moment.

I don’t think I appreciated it before but when you go into a bookshop, each of those thousands of books mean so much to the person who has poured their heart and maybe tears too onto the page. For anyone who may be a little disenchanted with their writing at the moment and dreams of being published, believe me it is worth the wait.

Later on that day, I picked my two-year old up from playschool and when we got home I excitedly handed her a copy of the book. She was the first person to see it so I couldn’t wait to see her reaction. I bent down and showed her the book “– and look there is a picture of Mama on the back” I said turning it over for her to look at. But she smiled at me like I was the two-year-old and she the grown-up.

“Do you like Mammy’s book?” I asked.
“Eh why not?” I said trying not to sound completely devastated.
“It has no pictures in it.”
“Well that’s because it’s a book for big people.”
She thought for a minute and then looked up at me, her expression was serious.
“Would you like me to put Peppa Pig stickers in your book for you Mama?”

Caroline Finnerty’s debut novel IN A MOMENT is published by Poolbeg.
Visit her website at www.carolinefinnerty.ie

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