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I Heart Chick Lit’s inductee for 2015 is …

paigetoonUpon hearing her name, long-time fans of hers and chick lit enthusiasts will try not to bust out in a happy dance. That’s right, this best-selling author has been the household name in the genre for some time now, ever since she stole our hearts with her debut novel, Lucy in the Sky. Followed by a string of titles that feature unforgettable characters that make cameo appearances in every one of her books. Did I mention that she has never failed in writing the loveliest male characters in the world that are 100% book boyfriend material?
Ever since reading Chasing Daisy in 2012, Paige has become one of my favourite authors whose books I can never dream of missing. A writer after my own heart, she writes fabulous summer reads with a delicious twist, she’s definitely one of my go-to authors when I want something fun, flirty and romantic! Her latest book, The Sun in Her Eyes, is out this month!

A Spoonful of Happy Endings’ inductee for 2015 is …

ceceliaahernOne of the first chick lit novels I remember that had a real impact on me is Cecelia Ahern’s debut novel P.S. I Love You. It managed to make me cry a bucketload of tears but smile at the same time, and it’s a story that has stayed with me throughout the years and one I still recommend to others. Since the release of her debut novel in 2004, Cecelia Ahern has truly made a name for herself within the world of women’s fiction, having sold over 22 million copies of her books worldwide. Last year, her 11th novel The Year I Met You was released and next year the first part of a new Young Adult series will be published. I’m not the only reader who has been completely won over by Cecelia’s distinctive voice; her magical and enchanting style of writing is unique and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. She rightfully deserves a place in our Hall of Fame!

Chicklit Club’s inductee for 2015 is …

lianemoriartyFeuding triplets, a baby mystery and an amnesia case – with these captivating stories, Australian novelist Liane Moriarty was the first author to have all her early titles – Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary and What Alice Forgot – rank as High Raters on the Chicklit Club website. I fell in love with her writing from the moment one of the Kettle triplets got a fork stuck in their belly during a birthday party dispute. Since the release of What Alice Forgot in 2009, Liane, a former copywriter who comes from a family of writers, has steadily been making a name for herself overseas too, following up with The Hypnotist’s Love Story and The Husband’s Secret (the latter went on to sell more than two million copies worldwide). But it wasn’t until last year’s Big Little Lies that she really catapulted into the stratosphere, becoming the first Australian author to have a novel debut at number one on the New York Times bestseller list. And now Hollywood has come knocking, with Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon tipped to star in a screen adaptation of the story about schoolyard bullying and murder. Can’t wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve for her next story.

Chick Lit Uncovered’s inductee for 2015 is …

ruthsabertonBy being a book blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to read so many great novels over the years, and read work from some wonderful authors. One of those authors is the lovely Ruth Saberton, which is why she gets my nomination this year! Having always loved witty, fun romantic tales with quirky and lovable heroines, Ruth’s hilarious debut novel, Katy Carter Wants a Hero, swiftly became a favourite. Later releases include Ellie Andrews Has Second Thoughts, Amber Scott is Starting Over, and Rearranged; all fantastic chick-lit books. Ruth’s paranormal romance, Dead Romantic, was released last year, and is a wonderful read. And for the chick-lit fans who remember the Little Black Dress novels? Ruth is none other than Jessica Fox (author of Always the Bride and Unlucky in Love). Ruth Saberton’s books never fail to make me laugh, smile and provide a fun escape. With so many great novels, she is one of my favourite authors, with unique plots and great characters, and I’m always looking forward to her latest release!


Chicklit Club’s inductee for 2014 is …

One of our very first reviews on Chicklit Club, way back in 2007, was The Yorkshire Pudding Club, by a five-foot-tall greeting card writer from Barnsley. This delightful story of what happened to three friends after they picnicked on top of an ancient fertility symbol won her our Most Promising Author gong for the year. Since then, Milly has released at least one new novel every year. With stories ranging from a woman on a spring-cleaning mission to friends enjoying a fabulous cruise, these books focus on women learning to stand up for themselves, earning Milly a devoted legion of fans in the process. This year, with It’s Raining Men, she had a win in the Romantic Comedy Novel category of the Romantic Novelists’ Association awards. Her tenth novel, The Teashop on the Corner, is out next month.

A Novel Review’s inductee for 2014 is …

In 2011 I stumbled on a book trailer for The Violets of March. I recall sitting there thinking I needed to read it! I ended up devouring it in one day (you should have seen what my two kids did to my house). When I closed the book I thought to myself this is an up and coming author. I have since consumed all five of her books and loved them all. As a reviewer, I am often asked for recommendations and Sarah Jio is always on my list of must-read authors. She is also the author of The Bungalow, Blackberry Winter, The Last Camellia, Morning Glory and Goodnight June (to be published next month) – all from Penguin (Plume). To date, Sarah’s novels are published in 22 countries. Sarah recently finished her seventh novel and is at work on her next. She lives in Seattle and is the mother of three young sons.

Chick Lit Central’s inductee for 2014 is …

Sarah Pekkanen’s claim to fame with Chick Lit Central is that she’s the first author who offered us a book to review and the only one who did an in-person interview with us. What we didn’t know at the time was how her debut novel, The Opposite of Me, would set the bar for what we expect from other chick lit novels. It was engaging, incredibly well-written, and very hard to put down. Since then, Sarah has treated us to many more wonderful novels, with a few novellas tossed into the mix. We knew she was going to be one to watch when Jennifer Weiner endorsed The Opposite of Me and Emily Giffin endorsed Skipping a Beat. Sarah has paid it forward by endorsing other books, making us want to read them because talented writers usually have excellent taste when it comes to the books they choose. We have met her in person and she is as wonderful as she presents herself online, if not more. She’s just so down-to-earth and funny. Leave it to Sarah to admit that she writes her books in the noisy chaos of Chuck E. Cheese’s! (If you don’t have this place by where you live, it’s basically an indoor arcade with pizza, lots of birthday parties, music videos, and someone dressed up like a giant mouse.) Sarah has made a name for herself in the chick lit community. Her latest novel, Catching Air, is quite a page-turner and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

I Heart Chick Lit’s inductee for 2014 is …

I think it goes without saying that my blog’s name was inspired by Lindsey Kelk’s I Heart series. After reading every Shopaholic book (twice!), I decided I want something special and close to heart so I went scouring bookstores for that particular “something”. I’m glad to say that I found Lindsey Kelk. Maybe it was the signature title that got my eye. Or the beautiful covers (I LOVE covers – can’t help it). Or the blurb that promises you a love story you would no doubt enjoy. Thus, I fell in love with the I Heart series, every one of them – New York, LA, Paris, Vegas, London and the latest addition to the series, I Heart Christmas. I love her books because you get to tag along her character’s fabulous adventures – a holiday for a price of a book! Besides the I Heart series, Lindsey has written a novella on Angie’s best friend in the I Heart series, Jenny in Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week and recently, About A Girl which is the first book of her new series. The second book in said series, What A Girl Wants will be published in July. So here I am, saying that I heart Lindsey Kelk!


Chick Lit Central ’s inductee for 2013 is …

janeporterWe chose Jane Porter for the Hall of Fame this year because there is just so much to love about her. Not only is she an amazing and talented writer, but she’s also very kind and down-to-earth, as well as generous to her readers. Back in 2011, we spotlighted Mrs. Perfect for an ICLM project we were doing at our blog and she found out and offered to give copies of the novel to anyone who commented! She also hosts gatherings for her readers when she’s on tour, instead of just speaking at a book store. These gatherings are more intimate and she takes the time to get to know all her readers. She is as wonderful in person as she is on “screen.” Jane posts regularly on her blog asking readers their thoughts, talking about her life outside of writing, and featuring other authors. She does some amazing giveaways, as well! She also is very personable with her readers via Facebook and Twitter. Her chick lit novels are amazing. Jane makes each of her characters seem so real and accessible. She shows us their flaws, while also giving them a strength that allows us to cheer them on through their struggles. Her latest series, “The Brennan Sisters,” is proof of this ability to connect with her readers through her novels. Jane was even lucky enough to have one of her novels made into a movie … Flirting with Forty. It’s a cute and fun adaptation of the story. Not only does she write chick lit, but she has a plethora of romance novels for readers to check out as well.
Here are some thoughts about Jane from one of our readers and frequent guest reviewers, Marlene Engel: “Jane Porter is by far my favorite author. Her books draw you in and make you feel like you’re living the story. She has the ability to make you feel like she’s speaking directly to you through her words. Jane is not only a very talented writer, she also truly loves her fans.”

Chicklit Club ’s inductee for 2013 is …

melissahillThe first time I read a book by Melissa Hill, I actually gasped out loud when I got to the twist. “Never saw that coming either,” I thought to myself as I got to the climax of my second book from this Irish author. “Why am I The Last to Know?” By the third book, I was determined to suss out the twist – well in advance. But that was merely Wishful Thinking. And Please Forgive Me but she got me on book four too. And all these years later, I am STILL trying not to let her cunning mind get the better of me! Never Say Never! Besides the trademark twist, with a Melissa Hill novel you are also guaranteed of getting an absolutely absorbing story full of warmth, dramatic tension and charming characters. And for a chick lit lover, that’s more precious than Something from Tiffany’s.
PS Before I Forget, the other Something You Should Know about Melissa Hill, who published her first book in 2003, is that she also writes forensic thrillers with her husband, Kevin, under the pen-name Casey Hill.

Chick Lit Is Not Dead ’s inductee for 2013 is …

clairecookOur 2013 Chick Lit Hall of Fame nominee is author Claire Cook. She is the bestselling author of nine novels, her tenth, Time Flies is out this June. Claire is a true inspiration, having written her first novel at age 45 in her minivan! Her bestselling novel, Must Love Dogs, was made into a movie starring John Cusak and Diane Lane. We love Claire’s fresh and funny narrative, her characters jumping out on every page of her delightful books!

Novelicious’ inductee for 2013 is …

jillmansellI bought my first Jill Mansell book at the charity shop. It was called Kiss and the cover was a photograph (http://www.trashionista.com/2008/01/book-cover-jill.html) of a woman holding a phallic-shaped microphone with a suggestive expression on her face. In spite of the cover the book became a firm favourite. When I finished Kiss, I was excited to discover that there were more Jill Mansell novels in the world. I eagerly consumed them, loving the way I was completely transported and entertained each time. I think what makes Jill Mansell stand out from other authors is the utter trust you feel when you pick up one of her books; you absolutely know you’re safe in the hands of an expert storyteller. You’d think that after twenty-five books the ball might have dropped even slightly on just one of them. But no. I’ve read every one, and I’ve always emerged from the last page with the terrific feeling you get in your belly when you’ve read a bloody good story. A Jill Mansell book never lets you down. Jill Mansell is one of the best (and most dedicated) romantic comedy writers in the world. Her books are full of life, hilarity and characters to fall in love with. Novelicious couldn’t be more pleased to induct Jill Mansell into the International Chick Lit Month Hall of Fame for 2013.


Chick Lit is Not Dead’s inductee for 2012 is …

To us, Jennifer Weiner is the QUEEN of chick lit.  From the moment we read Good In Bed years ago, we knew we had found what would become one of our all-time favorite authors.  Her talent for developing strong women characters has been proven over and over with her other bestselling novels such as In Her Shoes, Goodnight Nobody, Best Friends Forever, Then Came You and Fly Away Home and more. She is fun, smart and sassy and is always willing to defend the chick lit genre to those who believe it’s just a bunch of fluff. Jennifer Weiner is not only a gifted writer, but also a wonderful role model for writers everywhere.

Novelicious’ inductee for 2012 is …

I was 19 when I first read a Melissa Nathan book. Not doing well at university and experiencing the symptoms of bipolar disorder that had not yet been diagnosed, I spent a lot of time escaping into bright and colourful-looking books that I hoped would take me away from real life. Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field (later re-packaged as Acting Up) was one of those books. I gobbled up the tale of Jasmin and Harry and their charity theatre production of Pride and Prejudice. I was surprised and pleased that the writing was much sharper than the chick lit I had been reading at that point, and it felt nice to really laugh at a time when laughing didn’t come easily.
Melissa Nathan became one of my go-to authors (these are the authors whose books I anticipate and buy in hardback if I can) and I eagerly bought each of her books the minute they were released. The book, for me, that really shows Melissa at her best is The Nanny; a real fairytale of a novel, full of warmth, vivid, eccentric characters, surprises and belly laughs. The scene where Josh breaks into his own house and Jo, thinking he’s a burglar, wallops him makes me chuckle just thinking about it. The Nanny is a perfect example of what chick lit should be and the reason why readers like you and I get so fangirlish about the power of the genre (and dedicate whole months to it!).
I found out that Melissa Nathan had passed away from breast cancer when I bought her book, The Learning Curve, and read the acknowledgments – a heartbreakingly beautiful letter to her family. Melissa was only 37.
Before she died, Melissa specified a criteria for the Melissa Nathan Award, a prestigious accolade for writers which places as much emphasis on the comedic values of a book as the romantic ones. Do read the criteria link – it outlines perfectly what we look for in a new favourite book and is put better than anything else I’ve seen.
At this time, the Melissa Nathan Foundation was also established, offering support to families in crisis. The foundation has helped charities such as The Willow Foundation, Honeypot, and The Bone Cancer Research Trust, and has provided Sunshine Buses to schools with disadvantaged children. If you’d like to donate to the Melissa Nathan Foundation, you can email info@melissanathan.com.
I am proud to induct Melissa Nathan into the International Chick Lit Month Hall of Fame. She understood exactly what us chick litters want from a novel, did it herself with aplomb (if you’re a newer chick lit reader, I urge you to pick up one of her novels) and has given other writers who do it well, the opportunity to be recognised and honoured by their peers.
Thank you, Melissa.

Chick Lit Central’s inductee for 2012 is …

Jane Green lives on the east coast of the US but hails from the UK, which explains her beautiful accent. She is the author of 13 bestselling novels, dealing with real women, real life, and all the things life throws at them, with her trademark wisdom, wit and warmth. Her first novel, Straight Talking, was written in 1996 and told the saga of a single career girl looking for the right man. It made it into a bidding war and became a hit in the UK, turning Jane into an overnight success. The success got even sweeter when her second novel, Jemima J, became an international bestseller. Cosmopolitan called this cheerful, updated Cinderella story “the kind of novel you’ll gobble up in a single sitting”. The mere mention of Jemima J manages to elicit a sigh of happiness from anyone who has read it! Over time, Jane’s novels have matured along with her, graduating to more complex, character-driven stories that explore the concerns of real women’s lives, from marriage (The Other Woman) to motherhood (Babyville) to midlife crises (Second Chance). Her latest, and equally fantastic novel, Another Piece of My Heart, is about a relationship between a stepmother and stepdaughter and the boundaries that get crossed along the way. In addition to her novels, Jane writes a daily blog www.janegreen.com and contributes to various publications, both online and print, including Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, Wowowow and Self. She’s also a foodie and passionate cook, and her food descriptions in her novels sound absolutely scrumptious! We love Jane’s writing style and are already clamoring for her next novel!

Chicklit Club’s inductee for 2012 is …

Sophie Kinsella is known for introducing Rebecca Bloomwood, self-confessed shopaholic, to the world. Under her real name Madeleine Wickham, she had already published several novels including The Gatecrasher and The Wedding Girl. But her experiences working as a financial journalist helped inspire her most famous character – a British girl who just couldn’t stay out of debt no matter how many times she hid her credit card in the freezer. The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (aka Confessions of a Shopaholic) was published under the pen name in 2000. Since then Becky has been the subject of another five novels and made it to the big screen in 2009, portrayed by Australian actress Isla Fisher as an American. Other memorable characters from Sophie include domestically challenged lawyer Samantha from The Domestic Goddess; Lara and her ghostly great-aunt Sadie from Twenties Girl; and mobile-phone addict Poppy from I’ve Got Your Number. The genre of chick lit just wouldn’t be the same without her input.


Novelicious’ inductee for 2011 is …
Jenny Colgan

Back in the year 2000, Jenny Colgan released her debut novel, Amanda’s Wedding, and firmly established herself as the funniest writer in a genre choc-a-bloc with funny writers. For the past 11 years, Jenny has captivated readers with her spot-on comedic observations, quirky, lovable characters and the rare ability to create romantic relationships you root for as if they were real.
A firm defender of the genre, Jenny writes the kind of novels that make her the author you’d most want to take out for hijinks and wine drinking. She’s the very epitome of a classic chick lit heroine; clever, funny, bold, beautiful, warm-hearted and talented to boot. Novelicious hearts Jenny Colgan very much and reckons they will for a long time to come!

Chick Lit is Not Dead’s inductee for 2011 is …
Emily Giffin
When lawyer turned author Emily Giffin burst on to the scene with Something Borrowed in 2004, the positive word of mouth about her novel set the publishing world on fire. It soared to the top of the New York Times bestseller list because of Giffin’s incredible talent for writing characters that make poor choices in such a way that we still root for them to succeed – which makes her books absolutely irresistible! And Hollywood agreed – Something Borrowed has been made into a major motion picture starring Kate Hudson and John Krasinski. How appropriate that it came out May 6, during International Chick Lit Month! Emily has continued to develop flawed but loveable characters and engrossing plots with bestsellers Baby Proof, Love the One You’re With and Heart of The Matter. Beloved on Facebook by her growing legion of fans, Emily continues to show us why Chick Lit is SO not dead.

Chicklit Club’s inductee for 2011 is …
Marian Keyes
Since the publication of her debut novel, Watermelon, in 1995, Marian Keyes has gone on to become known as the queen of chick lit. The Irish author has a knack of creating amazingly complex and endearing characters who resonate with readers the world over. Rachel’s Holiday, in which one of the Walsh sisters battled drug addiction, was one of the first novels to demonstrate that chick lit didn’t necessarily mean fluffy. She has never shied away from dark, often taboo, subjects, with domestic violence raised in This Charming Man. But despite addiction, death and adultery figuring prominently in her stories, Marian always employs her deft touch of humour. Her most recent novel (her 10th), The Brightest Star in the Sky (2009), took a more mystical approach, with a spirit entering the lives of some Dublin neighbours. Known for her own battles with alcoholism and depression, Marian is currently taking a break from writing. As she writes in Last Chance Saloon, “show me a person who doesn’t have a past and I’ll show you a boring bastard”.


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  2. Chanpreet S. says:

    Congratulations to the inductees! It looks like this is the first group to be inducted. I’ve read and loved all of these authors and look forward to more joining their ranks!

    How about adding a 4th inductee via popular polling? We can nominate authors and then vote on them from either this website or the blog sites?

  3. Jenny says:

    Can I just say how utterly chuffed and delighted I was to get this. Honestly, I am going to be totally insufferable when my husband gets home. It is a total honour, especially from you guys, who REALLY know their stuff.

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    What about Sophie Kinsella? 😦
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    I absolutely love chick lit! It is my go-to genre when I want to read a good book. Every time I see a new novel out by each of these wonderful authors, I grab it up. The smiles these ladies give their readers is priceless. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them for sharing their talents with their readers. Congratulations, Ladies!!

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    Congrats to all these ladies, especially Jane Porter!!

  77. karmakath says:

    These are all fantastic –

  78. Angela Coel says:

    So happy for Jane Porter. Definitely my favorite chick lit author.

  79. Lori Martorano says:

    Congrats ladies! Thank for such GREAT books.

  80. Kelli Jo Calvert says:

    Love Jane Porter – love her books!! So glad you nominated her!!

  81. Kristeen says:

    Congratulations to all of you!

  82. Mariska says:

    Congrats to you all !! i have read some of these authors and some haven’t yet 😉

  83. Michelle H. says:

    Congrats to all the authors! My vote goes to Jane Porter. I’ve just added many authors and their interesting books to my summer read list!

  84. Ann M says:

    I’ve read a few of these, but not enough. The books almost all sound good. 🙂 Congrats & good luck to all.

  85. Melinda Garza says:

    Congrats Jane! You deserve the acknowledgment. You are my favorite author.
    Melinda Garza

  86. Andrea Mutschler says:

    I love your books Jane!!! Congratulations!!!

  87. Natalie says:

    Love Jane Porter! Congratulations Jane, and to all the other inductees, you are in fine company!

  88. Josehine Howe says:

    Congratulations to all these authors. I have read most of them and totally appreciate how their words and books can take us away from all the chores and our daily lives and give us such pleasure. I appreciate the Janeblog and being introduced to new authors by Jane Porter. I also read jane Green;s posts on Facebook. A young woman on a plane many years ago told me to read Jane Green. Both Jane’s books get better and better all the time. I have read most of Jennifer Weiner’s as have two of my daughters. Congrats ladies, you all deserve this!

  89. Liz Mitchell says:

    I love jane porters books and will check out the others asap!

  90. What an amazing group of ladies picked….Jane Porter, you rock!

  91. Sabrina Wintermeyer says:

    I love Jane Porter. I have read all of her books and some of most of the other authors, but I added the page to my favourite, because I want to check out the authors I never read.

    Congratulations to all!

  92. Sharon A says:

    Congratulations to all! Jane Porter is one of my favorites, for all the reasons you mentioned. Great writer, great books, and really just so warm and personable and real with her readers. A very deserved honor!

  93. Kimberly F says:

    Congrats to all! Absolutely adore Jane Porter! This list incudes some of my favorite authors, and some new ones that I will have to check out!

  94. binichen90 says:

    Congrats =). There are a lot of new authors for me which I will check out in the near future. But Jane Porter I know and I absolutely love her books.

  95. Mary Preston says:

    Congratulations everyone!!

    Some great favorites of mine & very pleased to meet those new to me as well.

  96. Ana says:

    Woot, woot, congrats to all!! Can’t wait to read something by Jane Porter, lately everyone’s been talking about her books.

  97. Congratz to all!!! I read of several authors that I will be checking out now! So thanks!

  98. Bridget O'Neill says:

    Congrats to everyone! Great choices! I discovered Jane Porter through Chick Lit Central, and she’s quickly become one of my favorite authors 🙂

  99. Summer Grinstead says:

    Congrats to everyone! What wonderful choices! I’m excited to read some of the ladies that I have not read.

  100. CrystalGB says:

    Congratulations ladies. Awesome authors. 🙂

  101. karla osteen says:

    I was surprised by how many of these books I have read. It’s good to see them collected together for a well deserved pat on the back. Life can be hard but these authors’ books are like a big “refresh” button.

  102. Congratulations! 🙂

  103. Mary Doherty says:

    Besides Jane Porter, I haven’t read any of these authors. I will be checking them out on Facebook. A couple of the books sound really good. My TBR list has just gotten bigger!

  104. Sabrina-Kate Eryou says:

    What a great idea – it is nice to see author’s recognized for their hard work!

  105. Michelle R says:

    Congratulations to Jane! A well deserved nomination. This is a great group of authors for you to be a part of!

  106. Glenda Kuehn says:

    It’s great to see these authors get the recognition they deserve. Congrats to Jane, BTW.

  107. SherriM says:

    Wonderful authors here! Special congrats to sweet Jane Porter.

  108. Jill F. says:

    Many of my favorite authors are on the list!! Congrats to all, especially Jane Porter!!

  109. Nila Serafini says:

    I couldn’t think a better inductee! Congrats to Jane Porter who is always thinking of her fans, keep up the good work Jane!!!

  110. Elizabeth Navarro says:

    Congratulations to Jane Porter, she is one of the most talented Authors I have read, her books take you away so feel you are in the story. I have reread her books many times waiting for new ones to come out !She is also so kind and generous to her fans. She makes us all feel valued and takes time to write personal notes.
    Your very deserving of this Jane !

    • Ruth Bousquet says:

      Jane Porter is the real deal and always amazes me with all the hats she wears…and wears them so well. She’s also a great juggler with her family and fans. My vote is with Jane. Congrats to all the nominees, a great honor.

  111. Jessica M says:

    They’re all such great authors! The best of the best! =] Congrats to Jane Porter, Melissa Hill, Claire Cook, and Jill Mansell for 2013!

  112. Sue G. says:

    Love Jane Porter! She seems like such a sweet person. Have not read the other ladies, but some of these books look real good. Thanks!

  113. Amy M says:

    Look likes Jane is keeping good company, but most of us loyal JP folks already knew that. Congratulations!!

  114. Library Lady says:

    Jane Porter is one of my favorite authors and people. She deserves this honor. And, thanks to you, I now have some new authors to look for at the bookstore. Thanks!

  115. Kathleen says:

    If you haven’t read Jane Porter’s books do so immediately! You won’t be sorry. Her books are fabulous.

  116. Nancy says:

    Congrats to Jane and and the other inductees!! Thanks so much for providing fantastic books for all of us to read! All of you are FABULOUS!!!!

  117. lilacacres says:

    There are a few writers I have not had the pleasure of reading – congratulations to all the inductees!

  118. Congrats to the inductees!!!!

  119. Donna D says:

    Congratulations to all the inductees. Now I have even more authors to put on my reading list!

  120. Maureen says:

    Congratulations to all these wonderful authors! I thank you for all the great reading hours you have given me.

  121. msrh0nda says:

    Some of my favorite authors! I look forward to reading some if the books by a couple of authors I’m unfamiliar with! Congrats ladies!

  122. QuenKne says:

    They obviously have good taste… I know and love almost all of the inductees and for that I don’t know, I will be adding them to my new authors to read list. Congratulations everyone!!

  123. Christa Staub says:

    What a great list of wonderful, talented authors! Congrats to all of you , and especially Jane who I was lucky enough to meet in York PA! This makes me want to leave work right now (I wish) and go finish The Good Woman!

  124. Abby A says:

    I love and have read the majority of the authors listed here. And for the couple I haven’t read, I will be looking them up!

  125. Mel T. says:

    All the hard work has paid off for some great ladies. Congratulations!

  126. Kari Noel says:

    Great pics! Jane Porter is my all time favorite!!

  127. mary branham says:

    Congrats to all you ladies. So many god books.
    Jane Porter, I have to tell you I just finished The Good Daughter. Loved it so much. Cannot wait until sept. to read The Good Wife. Hate the waiting.

  128. Kelly B. says:

    Love me some Jane Porter!!! Congrats to everyone!!

  129. Bonnie K. says:

    Congrats to all of these inductees. I’ve been reading many of these authors’ books.

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