Guest List

A list of everyone who has contributed guest posts during International Chick Lit Month.


Cecelia Ahern

Amanda Addison

Melissa Amster

Trisha Ashley


Stacey Ballis

Madhuri Banerjee

Dana Bate

Hannah Beckerman

Emily Benet

Anna Bell

– Predictable and proud

– You had me at hullo

Shirley Benton

– Class of 11

– The review quandary

Sam Binnie

Rosie Blake

Faith Bleasdale

Tara Bond

Rebecca L. Boschee

Harriet Bourton

Cathy Bramley

Alexandra Brown

Hester Browne

Gemma Burgess


Ellie Campbell

Claudia Carroll

A writer’s life

Reality bites

Carla Caruso

Katherine Center

Julie Cohen

Rowan Coleman

Jennifer Collin

Claire Cook

Victoria Connelly

– The perfect hero

– Locations, locations, locations

 Jane Costello


Lotte Daley

Christine Darcas

Bree Darcy

Su Dharmapala

Lucy Diamond

Lisa Dickenson

Miranda Dickinson

Author pick

A letter to my unpublished self

Talking chick lit vlog

Lucy Dillon

– Heroes and hounds

– Characters as friends

Deborah Disney

Poppy Dolan

A letter to my unpublished self

Let’s talk about men, baby

Meg Donohue

Matt Dunn


Cynthia Ellingsen

Aven Ellis


Liz Fenton

Liz Fenwick

Caroline Finnerty

Elle Field

Geraldine Fonteroy

Jaye Ford

Kate Forster

Victoria Fox

My journey to publication

My favourite book jacket

My best moment as an author

Janey Fraser


Fiona Gibson

Emily Giffin

Tracey Garvis Graves

Ella Griffin

Michele Gorman

Janet Gover

Linda Green

Kirsty Greenwood

Naina Gupta


Nicole Haddow

Jenny Hale

Adena Halpern

Jillianne Hamilton

Emma Hannigan

Carmel Harrington

Ali Harris

Kate Harrison

– Top tip

– A letter to my unpublished self

Lucie Hart

Sophie Hart

– When naughty is nice

– Weddings and chick lit

Sophie Hart

Heather Hill

Caroline Hogg

Michelle Holman

Molly Hopkins

– How I got a book deal

– Go around the world from a sunlounger

Anita Hughes

Humfrey Hunter


Kim Izzo


Sara Jade-Virtue

Brenda Janowitz

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Sarah Jio


Milly Johnson

– Top 5 chick lit books

– Top Tip

– The ten commandments

Christina Jones

Cindy Jones


Beth Kendrick

Sarah Kate-Lynch

Lindsey Kelk

– Why I love series

– What chick lit means to me

Sophie King

Sophie Kinsella

Dorothy Koomson

Chelsey Krause


Erin Lawless

Cavanaugh Lee

Emily Liebert

Jane Linfoot

Shari Low

– Top tip

– A letter to my unpublished self

Alison Lucy


Chrissie Manby

Holly Martin

Carole Matthews

– Favourite chick lit hero

– Cake Shop inspiration

Louise Marley

Erika Marks

Nicola May

Susan McBride

– Author Picks

– Life imitating art

Cressida McLaughlin

Ali McNamara

– Family ties

– A letter to my unpublished self

Anna McPartlin

Holly McQueen

Zoe Miller

Sue Moorcroft

– Creative use of technology

– A letter to my unpublished self

– Flying high

Nicola Moriarty

Sinead Moriarty

Clodagh Murphy

– Sex in chick lit

– My favourite chick lit fella

– What chick lit means to me

Susan Murphy


Samantha Napier


Sheila O’Flanagan

Katie Oliver

Susie Orman Schnall


Liz Palmer

Sophie Page

Melissa Patafio

Janette Paul

Sarah Pekkanen

Georgina Penney

Jo Piazza

Alexandra Potter

Eleanor Prescott

Amanda Prowse


Ollie Quain


Sophie Ranald

Helen Redfern

Katy Regan

Martina Reilly

Lynda Renham

Laurie Viera Rigler

Samantha Robey

Lucy Robinson

Talli Roland

– Write what you love

– A chick-lit writer’s guide to procrastination

Melanie Rose

Lucinda Rosenfeld

Kaira Rouda


Ruth Saberton

– Writing under a pen name

– Made in Cornwall

Kathryn Leigh Scott

Margaret Scott

Allie Spencer

Nelson Spielman

Keris Stainton

– The covers of teenage chick lit

– My favourite feminist YA reads

Lisa Steinke

Stephanie Stiles

Ellen Sussman

Karen Swan


Nic Tatano

Lulu Taylor

Tilly Tennant

Beth Thomas

Jessica Thompson

– This is a success story

– Good things come in unexpected packages

Samantha Tonge

Paige Toon

– Top 5 Chick Lit Books

– Book matters

– Top Tip

– Talking To myself




Sasha Wagstaff

– Top Tip

– Writing tips

Sue Watson

Sue Welfare

Karen Wheeler

Stacey Wiedower

Samantha Wilde

Julia Williams

– A letter to my unpublished self

– The course of true love

Allison Winn Scotch

Tess Woods

Pippa Wright






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