Our thanks


As our fifth International Chick Lit Month ends, we’d like to thank all those who took part.

To everyone who contributed posts: Stacey Ballis, Dana Bate, Shirley Benton, Tara Bond, Harriet Bourton, Cathy Bramley, Ellie Campbell, Carla Caruso, Julie Cohen, Jennifer Collin, Victoria Connelly, Bree Darcy, Lisa Dickenson, Miranda Dickinson, Lucy Dillon, Deborah Disney, Meg Donohue, Ella Griffin, Jenny Hale, Sophie Hart, Sophie King, Sophie Kinsella, Chelsey Krause, Erin Lawless, Emily Liebert, Jane Linfoot, Carole Matthews, Cress McLaughlin, Anna McPartlin, Susan Murphy, Samantha Napier, Sophie Ranald, Susie Orman Schnall, Karen Swan, Nic Tatano, Beth Thomas, Stacey Wiedower and Tess Woods.

And of course thanks to everyone in the chick lit community who took the time to visit the site and share their comments. Remember, all year you can check out all the latest chick lit news at the four organising websites – Chicklit Club, I Heart Chick Lit, A Spoonful of Happy Endings and Chick Lit Uncovered.

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