Nicola May: My Books are My Babies

Nicola MayHow wonderful that International Chick Lit month is in May! Summer is on its way and loads of new chick lit releases are ready to slip on those shelves ready for holiday enjoyment.

Sitting here with a blank page I am undecided what to write. I like to be upbeat and fun, but I also want to be real. Being an author of fiction, I find writing blog posts a challenge, because they have to deal with reality. No characters to hide behind, just me, being me.

I have had the most exciting few months. After nineteen years of writing and of trying to get in the spotlight, I got myself an agent and then, to put the icing on the cake, signed a 7-book deal with Accent Press at Christmas. Lots of dancing and drinking of champagne ensued and I really feel now that my first major writing ambition has been achieved.

Don’t get me wrong, the sense of achievement I felt when I saw my first self published book, Working it Out, on the shelves of Waterstones in 2011 was immense. In fact, it made me cry, but I feel now that, at last, my books are going to reach a wider audience.

The SW19 ClubI have cried quite a lot since 2011 to be honest. I had IVF twice, I got pregnant twice. I lost my first baby at 6 weeks, then my beloved twins at 16 weeks. One of them had even danced and waved at me during the scan, but sadly it was not to be. And, sadly, it is never to be naturally, as I had to have a hysterectomy soon after.

However, rather than scream and shout ‘why me?’, I decided to put my experiences and grief to good use and The SW19 Club was born.

It was cathartic to write and I did let go a lot of my sadness. Many chapters were written with tears streaming down my face. But I persevered and I am very proud of the end product.

I am also happy to say that, despite dealing with very poignant and real issues, The SW19 Club is – in the end – a laugh-out-loud romance.

Faced with the realisation that she can never have children, Gracie Davies, thirty-eight, is initially at an all time low. Finding the subject almost taboo, she sets up a club on Wimbledon Common, where women can chat openly about the issues of fertility in a fun environment. Gracie also has a passionate fling with Ed, a sexy landscaper, a fairytale encounter with a Hollywood film star and deals with a very persistent ex.

So… now my books are my babies. They cause me frustration at times but ultimately the pleasure they give me outweighs that – without a dirty nappy in sight!

Nicola May is the author of The School Gates, Working it Out, Let Love Win, Better Together, Star Fish and Christmas Evie (published by Accent Press). The SW19 Club will be published on July 23. 

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2 Responses to Nicola May: My Books are My Babies

  1. Arielle Joy says:

    What a great post Nicola! I look forward to reading all of your novels!

  2. Melissa A says:

    Nicola is a sweetheart and her books are fun to read!

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