Interview with Sophie Kinsella

Today, we are very excited to welcome the one and only, best-selling author of the Shopaholic series and the queen in our hearts, Sophie Kinsella to the International Chick Lit Month for the first time!

1. WSKhy did you decide to turn your hand to young adult?

I didn’t originally sit down and decide to write a YA book. I had three characters in my head – Audrey, a teenage girl with social anxiety; Frank, a teenage boy with a computer game obsession and Anne, their mother, trying to control and support her family as best she can. As I began to write, I discovered that the story had pathos as well as comedy, and it seemed natural to tell it through the eyes of Audrey. From there it became a Young Adult book – but I hope it appeals to teenagers and adults alike.

FA2. Why will readers fall in love with Audrey?

I really hope they do! Despite her illness, Audrey has a wry and often comical view of the world. She’s honest, brave, but vulnerable. She sees the funny side of life as much as the more difficult aspects, and she has a deepening friendship with her brother’s friend Linus. I feel passionately about Audrey – I hope you do too.

3. What do you love most about romantic comedy/chick lit?

Well first of all the comedy…and then the romance. Or maybe it’s the other way round. I love making people laugh – it’s the thing that gives me most pleasure, if I see someone reading one of my books and starting to laugh. And I love romance – doesn’t everyone?

4. What does chick lit mean to you?STTS

Ha! I’ve been asked so many times my attitude to that phrase, and I am fairly relaxed about it. I prefer to call what I write ‘Comedy Romance’. And as it happens I seem to have a lot of male readers too – I was once accosted by an Italian man in Milan who told me: “I AM Becky Bloomwood”! So ‘chick lit’ is not such an accurate phrase after all!

Sophie’s upcoming book is Finding Audrey, her first venture into young adult fiction and it’s out in June. She is currently working on the 8th Shopaholic novel, sipping cocktails with Becky and Suze and planning their next adventure!


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One Response to Interview with Sophie Kinsella

  1. Melissa A says:

    Awesome interview, Kevin! Hope you get to meet Sophie in person someday. (I hope I get to, as well.)

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