Keep Writing, Me

Letter to My Unpublished Self

by Rosie Blake


So you are probably sitting at your desk, OK fine, on the sofa covered in crumbs, your tears merging with the cold tea you have just sipped at and wondering, “Will it happen? Will people love my writing? Will they LOL and ROFL like I want them too?” And I’m here to tell you Rosie my old pal, my old me, it is going to be alright – you ARE going to get there, that phone call IS going to come and people will write you really nice tweets in the future saying things like, “Your book is funny!”

So how did you get there you are probably asking as you wipe your front, make a fresh pot of tea and sit up straight. Well Rosie you learnt stuff that you started applying to your writing. You learnt things like:

A)  You will stop spending half a day researching obscure pieces of information that get crow-barred into your book because you can’t bear NOT writing them because they took you SO long to find and they signal PROPER RESEARCH. They don’t my move the story on my friend so you press that ‘Delete’ button and you move on.

B)  You read books that contained HOT men so that you learnt how the authors did it, how they made you fall in love. You will look out for moments where the two characters interact and you will note down what happened and at which moment your heart went “ZAP”. Then you will apply to your own book.

C)  You will get out and about on a Twitter and FIND FRIENDS. Some of these friends will be encouraging and will make you laugh and you might even share your work with them and give each other feedback and you will enjoy it all and feel happy that others are in the same boat as you.

So Rosie my pretty keep going, keep writing, keep your chin up and it will happen for you and when it does it will be as ace as you imagined and you will love it,

Rosie x

Rosie Blake is the author of How to Get A (Love) Life, published earlier this year by Novelicious Books. You know what would make her day? Giving her a massive Black Forest cake. Or maybe you could just say hi to her on Twitter (@RosieBBooks).rosie-blake


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