Book Boyfriends by Tamara from Traveling With T

Hey everyone- I’m Tamara from Traveling With T and I’m so excited to be guest posting about Book Boyfriends as part of International Chick Lit Month. When Laura emailed me about this and told me that book boyfriends was my topic- I did not have to think long about who I would write about (even though the term book boyfriends is relatively new to me!) me (2)

What makes a good book boyfriend? Is it his sexy ways, a knowing smile, or the hard, chiseled body? Maybe it’s his boyish charm or the slightly arrogant behavior he might show? Or, could it be a British accent? Do you like your book boyfriends to be cowboys? Military men with a heart of gold? Or a businessman? How about a FBI agent? When thinking about your book boyfriend- what is the most attractive part about him- his looks or how he takes care of his leading lady?
My book boyfriend, the one that I can enjoy reading about again and again… again, is an oldie, but a goodie. He is Luke Brandon of the Confessions of a Shopaholic series fame. Why did I pick Luke? I mean surely since Luke was introduced as a character in the early 2000’s and this is 2014- I mean surely- there is another, more current book boyfriend that I would wax on poetically about? I’m sure there is (No offense to other chick lit writers, but for me, when Sophie Kinsella created Luke Brandon- well, that was it. No others need to apply.)

If I could draw it out in flow charts, graphs, and all the cool paper with pretty ink, I would physically draw it all out why Luke is the perfect book boyfriend. But, that’s not possible (I mean ya’ll all can’t make it to my house to see my cool marker collection y’know?) So.. Here it is:

5 Reasons Why Luke Brandon Rocks My Socks Off As a Book Boyfriend
• Luke is good looking. No, make that great-looking. He takes pride in his appearance- always wearing dapper suits and looking marvelous in his business attire.
• Luke is scary-smart. He’s brilliant. He has an eye for business, a mind that won’t quit, and he is not intimidated by hard work.
• His British accent. British accents make me weak in the knees.
• The way he loves Becky Bloomwood. Yes, he does get annoyed with her at times in the earlier books (you can’t fault him there!) But, he loves Becky. He wants Becky to be the best possible version of herself and he’s there to support her, to help make it happen. He knows Becky’s faults and still thinks she is the cat’s pajamas.
• How Luke is not perfect. He has a lot going for him (rich, good-looking, intelligent) and yet, he has a past that hurt him, that made him into the man we readers meet. He’s perfectly imperfect.

Now that you know all the reasons that I enjoy about Luke Brandon- won’t you share who your book boyfriend is and tell why he’s the best book boyfriend ever?

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

Tamara @ Traveling With T

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