Book Boyfriend by Anita of Anita Loves Books

Anita April 14 (2)When Laura asked me to write about my chick lit boyfriend for International Chick Lit Month I had to really dig deep. While I read my share of chick lit, I don’t often fall in love with the men. Many times the guys just don’t treat their women right, or they irritate me. I do have a man I loved when I read the book, and then forever in my mind on screen.

When I read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin in 2006, two years after it’s launch I fell I fell in love with both Rachel and Dex. Hard to imagine that in just ten years Emily Giffin has given us so many more wonderful characters and stories, but this first one holds a special in my heart.

Dex, how can I tell you how much I love Dex? He’s a great friend, if not a faithful boyfriend. I loved how he realized that his long time law school buddy Rachel was THE ONE instead of Darcy, the rather flippant, crazy, attention seeking woman he is engaged to. Dex is handsome, reliable, and ok, he’s sexy! I also fell for Dex because he was sensitive, he was torn between a commitment he’d made and the love he felt for another woman. Good looks are nice in a literary boyfriend, but in the long run being a good guy will go farther. Dex is a employed, good to his mother, had a long time circle of friends and even before he cheated he was good to his girlfriend’s friends.

My vision of Dex was sealed when the movie Something Borrowed was released in 2011. Colin Egglesfield brought the character of Dex to life, his dark hair and eyes, his smile were quite enticing!

Hanging out with Dex would be casual, walking in NYC, eating out, holding hands. We would listen to new bands, enjoying craft beers, and perhaps even dancing. Dex is always dressed well, something I appreciate in a man. He also notices what I wear, complimenting me. I need to add that while I am indeed a bit older than Dex , love knows no age! Dex and I would have a summer rental in the Hamptons, and we would hang at the beach, naturally I’d be reading and he could just be looking good by my side. Women would check him out…of course and be seething with jealousy.

I personally think a good literary boyfriend should fulfill a few fantasies. Love and support I’ve got, but dreaming of wealth and unnatural good looks would be fun to have, if only in my dreams! -Anita of Anita Loves Books

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