Introducing Eve the Book Babe!

1.  First all, tell us about your blog, Eve’s Chick Lit Reviews.

Eve’s Chick Lit Reviews is my baby where I put up book news, reviews, interviews and anything bookish. With the blog, I could easily share my passion for chick lit and more importantly spread the love for this genre to the other parts of the world. A book is not an education until it is shared.

2.  Why do you like chick lit? Which book sparked your love for chick lit?

I would fail to answer this if you were to ask me this on Twitter, I could talk all day. MyIHP love for chick lit is like a broken faucet. Well, I have so much love for chick lit as nothing beats the feeling of getting lost in a fictional world built by words. I love happy, beautiful endings, who doesn’t? Chick lit is the only thing that could make reality bearable. I enjoy getting drowned in fictional worlds and communicating with the authors who created those imaginary lands. It’s like being in two worlds, at once.

The book that sparked my love for chick lit. Ummmmm, I guess it has to be I Heart Paris. I read it in 2010 and it really left a mark. Lindsey has such fabulous way of writing, it’s hard to not fall for Angela Clark!

3.  What’s the best part about being a blogger?

When I started the blog, I never ever thought I would be where I am today. I really love being a blogger and I don’t plan to quit so soon. The blog has brought so much meaning to my life and it is probably one of the best thing in my life so far, not to mention how much it changed me. I love how I get to share my reading experiences with other readers and let them know what books are worth their time. I enjoy being able to connect with authors, publishers, bloggers from all parts of the world and most of them are really lovely. I still get that ‘OMG, we are Twitter buddies!’ feeling a lot whenever I walk into a bookstore.Getting lovely, warm tweets from authors always makes a blogger’s day. There, I said it.

4.  Do you have any book boyfriends? If so, who are they?

I do, a hell lot of them! I don’t think I want to list them. So I guess I would start with my first one, Edward Cullen. Red lips, vampy and handsome. Who doesn’t love a sparkly boyfriend? I loved Alex Reid from the I Heart series too! He’s why I am still single period. Alex, can you be in my life, please?

5.  What’s the perfect reading companion for you?

A big, frothy mug of cappuccino. Or a very pretty bookmark. Or both.

6.  If you can read ONE book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Just one?! This is tough! *thinks really hard* I’d go with my favourite book of 2013, How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern! It’s heartbreakingly beautiful. As for 2014, the book that impressed me the most so far has to be A Hundred Pieces of Me! It is not just ordinary fiction, A Hundred Pieces of Me is a book that will tug at your heartstrings and change the way you look at life.photo1

Evelyn Chong blogs at Eve’s Chick Lit Reviews ( and loves a good book, pretty bookmark and a cup of cappuccino by her side. Hit her up on Twitter (@ChickLitterEve)!


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