Sisters Doing It For Themselves

9 Reasons Why I Love Chick-Lit

by Laura Kemp


  1. Real-life heroines – Beauty is secondary in a chick lit female lead. Instead, they tackle dilemmas and problems with intelligence, wit, hard work and guile. Basically, our heroines are like us.
  1. Relatable issues – Chick lit reflects our lives. There’s love, work, illness, family and granny pants, all of which we’ve experienced. Yes, the way they are dealt with might mean dramatic effect – it’s escapism, right – but ask any chick lit author and they’ll have heard from a reader who said their book helped them through a troubling time.
  1. Funny as feck – It’s often said women aren’t as funny as men. Excuse me while I wet myself laughing at a chick lit novel. Not only do female authors cover the depths of despair with insight but they use humour too, whether that’s with a deadpan aside or a slapstick scene.
  1. Friendship is just as important as romance – With many of us living further down the road from our families than previous generations, chick lit books recognise how important friendships are as substitute mums, sisters and cousins.
  1. Sisters do it for themselves – Women get together and make things happen. How refreshing!
  1. Amazing authors – Forget sneering writers struggling beneath the weight of their own genius. Chick lit authors such as Milly Johnson, Rowan Coleman, Miranda Dickinson, Jenny Colgan, Lucy Robinson and Fiona Gibson are down to earth, warm, self-deprecating, hilarious, honest and still revel in the joy of writing. Just check them out on Twitter and you’ll see.
  1. Happy, hopeful endings – Even if she doesn’t get the man or the job or the shoes she desires, the female heroine realises it wasn’t meant to be. It’s all about positivity.
  1. Accessible – Go into any bookshop, supermarket, station, airport or library and you’ll be able to pluck a chick lit novel off the shelf. Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in another world with a bunch of new friends rather than struggling to ‘get’ the latest short-listed tome recommended by the literati.
  1. It gives us an excuse to call books written by men dick lit – the argument that the term chick lit is patronising can shove off. Don’t get down about it – get even by referring to books written by men as dick lit!

It’s time to take a stand – and put your feet up!


Laura Kemp came up with an idea for a book based on her experience of motherhood. A book for the huge majority of mums who neither had nannies nor personal trainers. A book for those who have so much going on in their heads they want to scream but they’re so tired can barely muster a whimper.

She was lucky enough to get a brilliant agent and a two-book deal for Mums Like Us and Mums on Strike.

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