Book Boyfriend by Karen Waskewich of Book-alicious Mama

Choosing my favorite chick lit boyfriend is very difficult since there are so many leading male characters I’ve loved reading about. However, ever since I read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in high school, I’ve continued to compare every male protagonist I read about to Mr. Darcy. Even though he has a very hard exterior and at first seems pompous and rude, Darcy reveals his true character halfway through the story and you start loving him more and more as you read about the lengths he will go to protect his family and friends. Darcy is the perfect reason why you should never judge a book by its cover.

My main fascination with Darcy is his generous and honest nature and the way he puts the interests of his friends and family above his own. In addition, he has the perfect amount of arrogance and pride which almost makes him somewhat of a ‘bad boy’ yet he is one with good intentions and a kind heart. Even centuries after Darcy’s character was introduced, women are constantly wooing over him and wishing they had their own Darcy to spend their life with. Plus, think of the size of the library and all the art in the Pemberley estate – I could spend my entire life reading books, learning to play different instruments, and admiring/analyzing all of the artwork.

Now, if I had to choose a male character in more contemporary works, I’d probably choose Alex from Nicholas Spark’s novel Safe Haven especially since he possesses so many of the qualities my future husband Erik has. I read this book and saw the movie both before I started dating Erik and I find it a little strange (in a good way) how similar the two men are.

First off, Alex is the father of two children and ironically both he and Erik have a daughter and a son, who is the older of the two children. Both are wonderful fathers who want nothing but the best for their children and to be able to protect them from harm. Secondly, Alex owns the town grocery store – not exactly the same as my future husband however Erik does work at a third generation local jewelry store (kind of similar right?) Both know the importance of living and raising children in their hometown where they have family and friends all around.

In addition, I know I may be biased but I think both are hunks – dark hair, smart and athletic. They are kind, protective and gentle at the same time and love nothing more than spending time with family and the women they love. I’ve joked with Erik before (after making him watch the movie with me) that when we retire, I’d love to go and visit North Carolina for a month or two each year because I love the beauty and simplicity of the towns in Nicholas Sparks’ novels.

As Katie did with Alex and Elizabeth did with Darcy, I fell in love and am looking to growing old with my leading male (don’t hate me for being cheesy!)

Karen of Book-alicious Mama

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