Bloggers Speak Out: Chick Lit Friend Dates

We asked some fellow bloggers which chick lit characters they would want to take on a friend date and what they would do. This is what they came up with.

samanthamarch2014Samantha March from Chick Lit Plus:

If I was able to pick one chick lit character to spend the day with, I would pick Roxy Rule from Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie. The main reason? I have to know how her story played out! I don’t want to give away the ending of the book and tell you where her life left off but I will say – wow! I need to how things are in Roxy’s world. So that would probably be most our day – talking about her current relationship, her family dynamic and catching up on her sisters and their own journeys in life, and then probably gossiping in general like girls do.
breakingrulesWhat else would we do? I would definitely have Roxy make me some desserts, since she is so fabulous at baking and I am fabulous at eating baked goods and giving compliments. I’m thinking cupcakes, maybe with some sort of delicious filling and buttercream frosting…but I’m not picky. I would definitely want to visit Roxy in New York rather than have her come to Iowa because – hello, that’s boring – so I’m hoping she would take me to some “local” sights while I’m visiting.
If you haven’t yet read Breaking the Rules I highly suggest you do, because you’ll want a friend date with Roxy as soon as you are finished reading!

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jonitaJonita Fex from The Book Chick:

Given how many years I’ve been reading chick lit, this was a particularly hard question for me to come up with an answer for! The first chick lit book I read and loved was Nadia Knows Best by Jill Mansell, but Nadia wouldn’t be the character I would have a friend date with. It wouldn’t be Cannie Shapiro either, even though her stories are my favourite by Jennifer Weiner. I would have to say that if I were able to invite any chick lit character out for the day it would be Darcy Rhone, but it wouldn’t be the Darcy we meet in Something Borrowed, it would be the one from Something Blue, when her edges have softened a little. She may not be the conventional choice but I have a special affection for her after she something-blue-emily-giffinundergoes her transformation in Something Blue and I have read that book countless times! I would definitely fly out to London to hang out with her- I’ve always wanted to visit London! I would love to meet Ethan and the twins and then head out for a fancy lunch date somewhere. After that we would hit the spa for manicures, pedicures and massages and then after that, shopping! Do you think that I could get her to come with me to check out the set of Harry Potter? I would definitely want to do that! Maybe we could gawk at Buckingham Palace for a while! Then back home to Canada for me!

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kaleyKaley Stewart from Books Etc.:

When I was asked to pick a chick lit character I’d like to have a friend date with, the answer came to me immediately. I would love to have a cocktail, or two or three, with Kim from Blogger Girl. There are many characters I could have chosen, of course, but I adore Kim, who was created by author Meredith Schorr. A lot of this insta-friendship was due to the fact that Kim is also a chick lit blogger. As much as my friends try to understand what I do, they just can’t totally get it. Kim, on the other hand, would know exactly what I’m going through when I talk about review deadlines, trying to decide what book to read next, interacting with authors, and so on. Not only that, but we have the same taste in blogger girlbooks! Even in the blogging world, there aren’t as many chick lit lovers as you’d think (not here, obviously!) so it’d be great to trade titles and talk about our favourite chick lit authors. But our love of books is just one thing that we’d bond over. I think we have similar personalities and would have so much fun hanging out. Even though I think we’d be BFFs, we’d definitely look hilarious hanging out…Kim is quite short (4’11”) and I am quite tall (6’0″)! But what’s a little height difference when it comes to best friends? Besides that, we won’t notice the difference when we’re sitting at the bar chatting about books!

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thischickreadsAnanda from This Chick Reads:

I’d definitely want to take Jemima Jones (from Jane Green’s Jemima J) on a friend date. She’s such a fun person and definitely one of my favorite fictional characters. Would love to go dancing with her and finish the jemimajnight in some great Italian restaurant for a nice chit chat over some pasta and great red wine. We’d have so much to talk about!

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4 Responses to Bloggers Speak Out: Chick Lit Friend Dates

  1. Jonita says:

    Thanks for inviting me to participate, Chick Lit Central! It is so fun to see who the others picked as well!

  2. Love the insight here and such a surprise to see my own Kim Long of Blogger Girl chosen by Kaley from Books Etc. How cool!

  3. Thanks for the invitation to participate guys! Love the other bloggers’ picks too. Fun! XX

  4. Cat Lavoie says:

    Awesome post! 🙂 I’d love to spend time with all of these chick lit leading ladies! I happen to know Roxy would love to hang out with you, Samantha! 🙂

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