Digital Girls In A Digital World

A Note To Aspiring Chick Lit Authors

by Nicole Haddow  

Hello, fellow writers!


If you’re anything like I once was, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever be published. I have good news for you – the growing digital reading industry makes publication more achievable than it was before.

When I started writing Tweethearts, I had no idea if the story would ever land in front of readers’ eyes. I confess I had hoped people might hold my book in their hands in print form one day. But when an editor asked me if I’d consider digital publication, I thought, ‘I’m on the internet almost constantly and my book is about the perils of dating in a digital world… I’m seeing a fit here.’ In short, I welcomed it in a heartbeat.

Thanks to digital publication, I connected with readers in locations around the world, a long way from my home in Melbourne, Australia. That would never have happened if my book had been print-only.

Another upside of digital publication is the speedy process. I’m able to write about subjects like contemporary relationships and all of the associated social media miscommunications, knowing that the story will still be relevant when it’s released.

If you’re considering digital publication, there’s still some important stuff to consider. You can self-publish almost as easily as you might publish a tweet or a Facebook status update – it can be out in the world in a matter of clicks, but I can’t recommend signing on with a professional digital publisher enough. They know how to format your book for digital publication, design a cover and give you valuable marketing advice.

We’re digital girls in a digital world. If you’re a digital reader, you’ll agree there’s nothing better than finishing a book late at night and going into the digital store while you’re tucked in bed, then devouring something new on the spot.

Keep reading and writing, aspiring authors. You’ll get there. Oh, and if you ever have writer’s block, I find a glass of wine helps get the words flowing (but stop after one… two at the most).




Nicole Haddow grew up in Melbourne in the 1980s, and embraced the decade’s finest elements: jazz ballet, big hair, rollerskating and pop cassettes.  Her passion for pop culture would later inspire much of her writing, but before she turned her hand to scribe life, Nicole got some life experience under her belt. She spent time living in Switzerland and has also ventured to India and New York. These days she’s back in Melbourne and is usually found lurking behind a screen punching out the odd freelance feature, copywriting, writing fiction or tweeting at @nicolehaddow. She still busts out her jazz hands and 80s pop music, too.

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2 Responses to Digital Girls In A Digital World

  1. Thanks for the tips. Especially about the writers block!

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