A Blogger’s Perspective: Kirsty

My Top Fives 


by Kirsty from The Love Of A Good Book 

1. Which 5 chick-lit books are you most excited about reading this year? 

The Travelling Teashop by Belinda Jones

What a Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk

Ice Cream at Carrington’s by Alexandra Brown

The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson

A Girl called Summer by Lucy Lord

2. Which 5 chick-lit books make you laugh the most?

About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk

A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger by Lucy Robinson

What Would Oprah Do? by Erin Emerson

Thirty Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson

If I Could Turn Back Time by Nicola Doherty

3. Which 5 chick-lit books should all chick-lit lovers read? 

Take A Look At Me Now by Miranda Dickinson

Divas Las Vegas by Belinda Jones

Winter Wonderland by Belinda Jones

About A Girl by Lindsey Kelk

Cupcakes at Carrington’s by Alexandra Brown

4. Which 5 chick-lit books would you take to a desert island with you?

Honestly I would take the 5 books I’ve recommended for all chick-lit lovers to read.
I know these books would get me through being stranded. I would be surrounded by friends and have book boyfriends aplenty with these reads.

5. Which 5 chick-lit books are your favourite chick-lit books of all time?

I know I should be original here but truth be told, the books I’ve talked about are my favourites, they are the books I recommend to you all and the books I would choose if I could only read 5 chick lit books for the rest of my life. These books have travelled with me, grown with me and made me love them, I couldn’t not choose them!


Kirsty is a UK book blogger with a love for anything bookish, Disney or male! She is 1/4 of The Gosling Girls Book Tours. 


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One Response to A Blogger’s Perspective: Kirsty

  1. juleswake says:

    Wow I’m a huge chick lit fan and I’ve not read a single one of these … happy days. I did love Miranda Dickinson’s Fairytale of New York. It’s always great to find new authors.
    I did my own UK v US romance infographic which has a few alternatives if you’re interested. http://romanticallyinclinedblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/when-is-a-recommendation-not-a-recommendation/

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