Thanks and see you again next year …

As our third International Chick Lit Month ends, we’d like to thank all those who took part.


To all the brilliant authors who shared their stories and advice:
Trisha Ashley, Nicole Baart, Sam Binnie, Faith Bleasdale, Alexandra Brown, Josie Brown, Hester Browne, Claudia Carroll, Jennifer Coburn, Claire Cook, Jane Costello, Lucy Dillon, Poppy Dolan, Carrie Duffy, Matt Dunn, Cynthia Ellingsen, Jaye Ford, Kate Forster, Victoria Fox, Tracey Garvis Graves, Fiona Gibson, Ali Harris, Kate Harrison, Sophie Hart, L. Alison Heller, Molly Hopkins, Anita Hughes, Kim Izzo, Sarah Jio, Christina Jones, Milly Johnson, Lindsey Kelk, Beth Kendrick, Andrea Lochen, Shari Low, Juliet Madison, Louise Marley, Catherine McKenzie, Ali McNamara, Sue Moorcroft, Clodagh Murphy, Sarah Pekkanen, Jo Piazza, Amanda Prowse, Lynda Renham, Alyson Richman, Lucy Robinson, Talli Roland, Lucinda Rosenfeld, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Margaret Scott, Allie Spencer, Jessica Thompson, Paige Toon, Sue Welfare, Karen Wheeler, Samantha Wilde, Julia Williams, Pippa Wright.

And of course thanks to everyone in the chick lit community who took the time to visit the site and share their comments.

See you on May 1, 2014 … and remember until then, you can check out all the latest chick lit news at the four organising websites – Chicklit Club, Chick Lit is Not Dead, Novelicious and Chick Lit Central

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4 Responses to Thanks and see you again next year …

  1. denise says:

    fun month!

  2. Thanks to all you lovely bloggers who put so much hard work into organising another great month of celebrating chick lit!

  3. pascale says:

    it has been great fun reading your posts. too bad we have to wait until next year!

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