The Break-Up Test

Rose McClelland’s The Break-Up Test is about breaking up, bouncing back and moving on. It’s about three women who are in tricky relationships. A mutual male friend Jamie draws up a ten-point test to offer them success. Will their blokes smell the competition and clean up their acts? Or will the girls find happiness elsewhere? Here Rose shares her five tips for getting over a break-up…

1. Be extremely good to yourself. I’m talking full-on pamper city. Chocolate, wine, ice-cream, nights with the girls, whatever takes your fancy. Treat yourself like a delicate object and be super-good to yourself.
2. Confide in a really good friend. One of those super-fabulous types who really listens to your plight and doesn’t interrupt with their own tales. Get it all off your chest, it will help.
3. Do something you really, really love. Whether it’s going out dancing around your handbag, traipsing around charity shops to find that bargain dress, or spending hours pouring over the make-up counter, do it. It’ll cheer you up.
4. Find something new to do. You might feel like the duvet is a lead blanket dragging you down, but if you force yourself to do something new, you might just love it. What about volunteering at the local theatre, or joining a new dance class, or being the social organizer among your friends. You might just have lots of fun and meet new people. And heaven knows, you might meet the next bloke on the horizon!
5. Read The Break-up Test by Rose McClelland and see what ten points Jamie comes up with (PS his tips are different than mine). See how Sarah, Beth and Amy coped. It might make you laugh if nothing else!

Rose McClelland is the author of The Break-Up Test and lives in Belfast. She has worked for The Playhouse Theatre, Orange Tree Theatre, and a West End dance company in PA/marketing roles. She comes from a big family with two brothers and four older sisters. Never a dull moment as you can imagine! She is writing her fourth book which is set in the theatre world and is all about the sizzling chemistry and drama that goes on behind the scenes!

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2 Responses to The Break-Up Test

  1. yasminselena says:

    Someone should stick all that on a T-shirt and frame it ; )
    Rosie’s novel is a great read! x

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