My Favourite Chick Lit Fella by Clodagh Murphy

I thought it would be really tough coming up with my favourite chick lit fella.  There are so many scrumptious heroes to choose from, and though one immediately sprang to mind, in the interests of fairness, I put him to one side. I couldn’t just go with the first guy that popped into my head – I had to give the others a chance.  Besides, there was bound to be someone better if I gave it some thought – someone sexier, more dynamic, less … ordinary.

But no, after much consideration I decided there is no one better.  My favourite chick lit hero is Vince Mellon from Lisa Jewell’s Vince and Joy – one of my favourite chick lit books of all time.  In fact, one of my favourite books, full stop.  (It’s a gorgeous novel –I urge you to read it if you haven’t already.)

Now, Vince isn’t really my ideal type as romantic heroes go.  I have a soft spot for alphas, and if they’re tricky and moody and hard to figure out, that’s good too.  Vince is emphatically not like that.  He’s straightforward, friendly and kind, and a bit under-confident.  So how did he make it to the top of my list?

He’s gorgeous, which helps, but – here’s the killer – he doesn’t know it. Due to having grown up with a disfiguring underbite, he’s used to being ugly, and even after corrective surgery, he still doesn’t see himself as a handsome man.  So he’s really good-looking but with none of the attendant cocky swagger.

I love this description of him when Joy first meets him when he’s nineteen:

      ‘He looked as if he slept with French girls and smoked American cigarettes, as if he could win a fight and write a poem all in the same afternoon.’

Sounds irresistible to me – cool and romantic, and maybe a little bit dangerous.

But when Joy gets to know him better, she realises he’s not really like that at all:

         ‘Vince wasn’t what he appeared.  He wasn’t cool and moody.  He wasn’t intellectual or hard.  He wasn’t intimidating.

            He was interesting and kind and funny.

            He was human and generous and thoughtful.

            He was awkward and a misfit.’

I love him for all those reasons and more.  In short, he’s just utterly adorable.  There’s no point trying to fight it – Vince Mellon is The One for me.

So who’s your favourite chick lit guy?

Clodagh Murphy is the author of The Disengagement Ring, Girl in a Spin and the upcoming Frisky Business, which is out on June 1st!

Clodagh’s Website

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4 Responses to My Favourite Chick Lit Fella by Clodagh Murphy

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  2. Pooja D. says:

    At the risk of sounding terrible cliched…I think I will go with Luke Brandon of Shopaholic series…He may be the most pompous & practical person on the planet..but his utter cool & confident demeanour define his charisma & make him the perfect hero for me 🙂

  3. Love this! My favourite chick-lit guy would have to be Sam from Sophie Kinsella’s ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ or Daniel from Marian Keyes’s ‘Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married’. Both swoonworthy in different ways.

  4. Joe McCarthy, my leading man in The Daisy Picker. He was my ideal male – dark, funny, down to earth – which probably explains why I’m still single. (He doesn’t exist.)

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