BOOK REVIEW The Mothers’ Group by Fiona Higgins

The Mothers’ Group – Fiona Higgins
by Stephanie Pegler, of Chicklit Club

Six diverse women are drawn together through their post-natal group. Ginie is a no-nonsense lawyer who is hiring a nanny and heading straight back to work. Made is a young Balinese woman who has come to Australia with her older husband and has to raise her son without the support of her family and village. Miranda is finding it difficult dealing with her stepson, a disruptive toddler, and finds wine o’clock is creeping forward every day. Suzie’s partner left her during her pregnancy but when she meets Bill, she’s hoping she may not have to raise her daughter alone. Pippa’s birthing experience has left her with lingering health problems but she’s too embarrassed to share what’s wrong. And Cara is the peacemaker of the group who runs into a former lover. This is an engrossing story which slowly reveals each character’s multi-layered backgrounds, before leading to an incident that shatters them all.

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