Stronger than ever!

When we had our Sibel Hodge prize package giveaway last week, we asked why readers thought chick lit was alive and going strong. We got some great responses and wanted to share a few of them with everyone. We hope those who think that chick lit is a dying genre read this post and think twice before ever saying that again. With readers who follow all the chick lit blogs out there, we have a unified voice and that will keep chick lit around for future generations!

Bridget O’Neill:
I think chick lit is still alive and strong because of the escape it gives women, especially after a long day of working, working and raising a family, or being a stay-at-home mom (like me!) And we can usually relate to one or more characters in so many of these books, which makes us feel like we’re not alone. I absolutely love chick lit books, and I think it’s women like me who read these books who are keeping chick lit alive and strong, and thriving!

Pooja D.:
Chick lit is like a welcome breath of fresh air in the otherwise monotony of our work. What started as traditional chick lit has now taken a direction that is beginning to encompass so much more-from going on a shopping spree to fighting a near fatal malady to not only embracing motherhood but also working towards it to heartbreak & friendship as well as heartbreak in friendship… It is the perfect validation of an imperfect yet lovable women which we all can relate to…the self doubting, the aspirations, the juggling of the demands of family, career and self – it all makes us nod our head in recognition…That’s what makes chick lit strong & not “just” alive but vibrantly so…

Nikki C:
They are my tonic, my pick me up at the end of a long day. Fun and lighthearted, they swing me between thinking how silly the women involved in the stories are to get caught in such circumstances (and how I would NEVER be like that) to the realisation that actually I’m just like them and can totally relate to their situation. As long as there continues to be great authors prepared to write great chick lit, I will continue to devour it.

Kim W.:
It’s alive and strong because the amazing authors continue to create these captivating stories and us fans continue to LOVE them and continue to buy them! Plain and simple. I believe it’s stronger than ever because of social media, too…so thank you to Facebook and the many bloggers who continue to promote! I wouldn’t survive motherhood and life in general if it weren’t for the ability to escape into my chick-lit and be taken away to New York’s finest shops and my favorite character’s charades and romantic-mishaps!


Sherry Bercu:
Chick Lit is alive and strong–because us women need an escape. These books make us laugh, cry, remember the good old days, and most of all escape from out busy lives. They are not too heavy but very entertaining just what we need. I have enough “heavy” in my life and my favorite time of the day is escaping into one of my chick lit books.

Kaley Stewart, Books Etc.:
Chick lit will still be written as long as there are readers and these blogs and this international month shows that there are still readers. A lot of us have been reading chick lit for years and will continue to look for books in this genre. We love it because it gives us something we can relate to. It’s not heaving bosoms and ripping bodices. They’ve got a storyline in addition to the romance, and sometimes romance doesn’t even really factor it. The genre provides a range and I love that. This community has really come together and has shown that they’ll stand by their authors even if traditional publishers are turning up their noses at chick lit. We all love chick lit here and will stick with our authors – so please keep giving us some more stories!

Kat Duncan:
I think Chick Lit is still going strong, because it can be about a variety of subjects. And women can relate to them, especially where relationships are concerned, then we have motherhood, heartbreak and friendships. At least at some point in our lives we’ve all be affected by this or will be in the future. Authors want to write about what we can relate to, we can say “that is me and I’d do the same” sometimes when we finish a book we reflect on how much we’re like a person in a book and sometimes reading a book can help you sort a current problem. Reading for fun and helping you solve issues you didn’t know how to otherwise. What’s more better?

I feel like it is stronger then ever. More and more books/ebooks are coming out every day. Chick allows everyone to go into a world where they can buy what every they want (like Becky Bloomwood), Solve murder mysteries in a dorm (like Heather Wells) and more. It’s an escape for the real world into a world where anything can happen.

I think chick lit is still going strong because there is less shame in reading it – finally some of the stigma of lesser quality in writing, etc. has been debunked, or at least believed now. Hopefully there will just be more and more of it!

Sabrina-Kate Eryou:
It gives some of us a place that we’ve never had before. I’ve never had a close circle of female friends. No one that I can rely on. I lose myself in these stories and I’ve met people who I can talk to on sites like these and then some in reality afterwards. It helps us feel connected in a way that never existed previously.

To see the rest of the comments, please visit the original post.

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