Family Ties

Family is My Biggest Support
by Ali McNamara

My husband’s name is Jim and I have two teenage children, Rosie and Tom. We also share our home in Cambridgeshire, UK with our eight-year-old golden Labrador, Jake, and 13-week-old black Labrador puppy, Oscar.
All my family are very supportive of my writing career.
As part of my editing process on each book I read my completed novel aloud to one, two or three members of my family, (depending on school work/exams etc.) like a sort of family story time every evening. By reading aloud like this, it helps me to pick out errors in the manuscript, and things that don’t sound quite right. It also allows my family to hear for the first time, just what I’ve been busying away on for the past 6 months or so in the name of work!

When my first novel From Notting Hill With Love … Actually was going to be published I kept a six-month video diary, a “countdown to publication”. You can still see it on my website. My daughter, Rosie did all the video editing for me, she was brilliant at it, but she’s 16 now and in the middle of her GCSEs so her time is limited. But the videos may well be back in the future, who knows…

During the writing of my second novel Breakfast at Darcy’s I had to learn so much about the practical side of trying to run a remote Irish island that my husband, Jim was brilliant with help and advice – he was definitely my Dermot (a character in the novel) during the writing of that book!

My son, Tom always has a calming word to say whenever I’m stressed or worked up about something. He’s very good like that.

And my two dogs now sleep in beds near where I work, waiting for me to take them for a walk or give them a treat!

So writing my books is very definitely a family effort!

Ali ☺
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2 Responses to Family Ties

  1. conniefischer says:

    Ali, it sounds as though you have the perfect life. I would so love to visit your area. I currently live in southern Florida in the U.S. I lived in Paris for six years which gave me a chance to visit the U.K. a few times but I only got to London, Bath and Bristol. All such wonderful places. I have promised myself that I WILL get back over there. My husband and I watch every Acorn media BBC DVD we can get our hands on. In addition, I devour every British romance and chick lit novel I can find. Chick Lit is my absolute favorite. I loved your novel, “From Notting Hill With Love” and I cannot wait to read “Breakfast at Darcy’s!” Wishing you all the best!

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