BOOK REVIEW A Family Scandal by Zoe Miller

A Family Scandal – Zoe Miller
by Shirley Benton-Bailey, of Chicklit Club

It is 20 years since rock musician Zach Anderson mysteriously plunged to his death in a lake. When media interest in the incident is suddenly re-ignited, hidden tensions fracture the glamorous facade of the Morgan family, totally changing their lives. Ellie, Miranda and their half-sister Lucy, Zach Anderson’s love child, find themselves in the harsh glare of the media spotlight once more. As cracks begin to show, beautiful fashion designer Ellie flees Dublin for the anonymity of New York. She has spent her life trying to forget Zach Anderson and his affair with her mother but she finds that however far you run, you can never truly escape the past. Meanwhile Miranda, desperate to spread her wings away from Zach’s legacy and her successful sisters, reclaims her life in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. And in London, fashion model Lucy is full of unresolved questions about her father’s death. When their mother falls seriously ill, the sisters are forced to return to Dublin. They must confront each other as well as their greatest fears. But what secrets are they hiding? Will their love for one another hold them together or tear them apart? The author vividly explores the complexity of family relationships – the roles people fall into or have forced upon them, the impact that the sense of who they are within the family has on their intimate relationships, and how present-day family problems can sometimes be traced to unresolved issues in the past. The strength in the book lies in how the author expertly creates a world of glamour, mystery and passion and matches it to heartfelt emotion and likeable characters who, behind their glossy veneers, face the same insecurities as everyone else. From the very first page, the story allows the reader to escape into a world of glitz and opulence married with intrigue, a world that becomes relatable due to the depth of feeling conveyed. As the book continues, the intrigue builds exponentially. What is the truth behind how the Morgans regard each other? Why does Lucy feel like she’s being watched? And what really happened to Zach Anderson 20 years ago? The sizzle of sensuality in the characters’ intimate lives provides the perfect undercurrent to the energy and pace of the story. The reader will travel with the Morgans to Dublin, London, Hong Kong and New York as the narrative progresses, and although we meet glamorous characters with thriving careers, the book also remains sensitive to the times we live in; we meet some who have fallen victim to the recession as well as those who appear to have the world at their feet. Zoe Miller is an author who consistently delivers, and A Family Scandal is no exception. A must-have for your holiday suitcase!

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