Cari Kamm is “perfect” for Chick Lit Month!

Introduction by Amy Bromberg

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Today we welcome the wonderful and talented Cari Kamm, and her debut novel “Fake Perfect Me.” Cari was born in West Virginia. She attended West Virginia University and obtained a bachelor of science degree in Human Nutrition and Food. She then moved on to New York University, where she completed her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition. Cari chose to focus on both nutrition and skincare, and hence developed her own skincare product at one point. She has also worked at one of the top cosmetic laser companies in New York City as the Director of Marketing and Media Relations, before launching her writing career.  She currently resides in New York City and is working on her third novel.

Cari and I connected a while back before I started working with Chick Lit Central. Besides emailing and talking on the phone, she actually helped me out with my job search and hooked me up with a couple of interviews. When she offered to send me a copy of her book, I was SO excited, and it was actually one of my first reviews for Chick Lit Central. Last, but not least, I had the pleasure of meeting Cari a few months ago when she was in New York City, where she actually lives now.

Cari is giving away TWO copies of “Fake Perfect Me” to some lucky winners anywhere in the world.

Visit Cari at her website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Cari is here today to tell us what Isabella Reynolds, the main character from “Fake Perfect Me,” is doing nowadays. If you haven’t read “Fake Perfect Me,” be forewarned that this contains spoilers. If you want to wait to read the post until you’ve read the book, we’ll still be here when you get back! (Just skip to the end for the giveaway.)

The Whereabouts of Isabella

Fake Perfect Me introduced Isabella Reynolds, the former Southern belle turned savvy New Yorker whose world came crashing down as she was stripped of everything she loved—her man, her company, and the death of her beloved dog, Potato. With her penchant for bingeing and purging, did she turn her life around against the need to maintain her “perfect” façade?

Isabella still lives in NYC conquering the streets of Manhattan in her Manolos, but this time around, her price tags and need for perfection don’t define her. Two years later, at 32, she continues to relish single life and the dating scene without relying on risking more Internet disasters. Without the pressure to find the perfect man, she’s embracing her independence.

Her stay at the juice retreat peeled away her toxic souvenirs shattering her fake perfect personality. The retreat gave her the opportunity to step outside her life and acknowledge her perspective, her attitude, and her lack of love for herself. She hasn’t fallen off the ‘Chinese take-out’ wagon, maintaining a healthy relationship with food. When Isabella does need reminding, she simply glances at the inside of her right wrist at her Truth tattoo. Isabella Reynolds was fake perfect; now, she’s perfectly imperfect.

A month after the retreat, her gratefulness and new sense of self fueled her passion to launch a start up from her kitchen called Sip, a juice delivery program cleansing the city one block at a time. Today, with its success, Isabella has expanded it into a popular Manhattan location. She still enjoys making deliveries and meeting with her new clients.

One afternoon, on a delivery, she found herself on 110th street in front of a sign and paralyzed by the word Euthanize. Just when she thought Sip couldn’t bring any more healing, it provoked memories of Potato. Suddenly, she was inside the shelter holding her new mutt, Harlem. When the rescue staff thanked her for saving his life, she said, “Actually, I think we are going to save each other.”

What she thought was a 3 strike curse, was a gift. Isabella learned that unfortunate things happen to a lot of people. Her past struggles helped grow her abilities, giving her an edge in life and presenting Isabella with something to pass on, to teach. Each event raised the plateau she stood on helping her see occurrences in everyday life more clearly and with greater vision.  Isabella joined a charitable organization that promotes self-esteem, confidence, and education in teenage girls preparing them for college.

Recently, Isabella received an exciting business opportunity in Vermont.  She’s planning her visit to a plush ski resort for the first Sip & Ski retreat. However, there’s no preparing for the unexpected as three random paths intersect sending them in a new direction with no looking back.

Isabella Reynolds’ journey will continue in one of Cari Kamm’s upcoming novels.

How to win “Fake Perfect Me”:
Tell us about something you’ve faked your way through. (One entry per person.)

Giveaway ends May 13th at midnight EST.

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20 Responses to Cari Kamm is “perfect” for Chick Lit Month!

  1. Nina says:

    Is it bad that my initial thought was, “I faked my way through college.” I don’t know how I got everything done and managed to keep my grades up, but I know “fake it til you make it” definitely played a part!!

  2. conniefischer says:

    When I lived in France, I worked for the American Embassy. My job description said that I was fluent in French which I wasn’t. Most conversations on the telephone or in person were in English but there was the occasion where French was needed. Therefore, I had a good French friend in the office who would handle these situations for me. To thank him, I would buy him a bottle of bourbon. He loved it! When we left France for the U.S., I gave him all of the booze and liquors we had and he had friends at American Airlines who got us upgraded to first class for the trip back to the U.S. You can fake something if you have the right friends to help you and the determination to get through it.

  3. Margaret says:

    Way back like a century ago when I was chasing my dream of a career in music I was in L.A. trying to just get my foot in the door at several entertainment management offices hoping to drop off my promo kit. I faked my way through many calls and even had one manager just laugh and told me I must be pretty crafty to have gotten past his secretary so to come to his office. Worked that time anyway lol!


  4. Pascale Poitras says:

    I went to culinary school for a bit, while cooking professionally at a hotel. I ended up going to France for a year long STAGE and to do so, had to FAKE a culinary that was much stronger than I was! The lucky part of being a cook in france back then (20+ years ago) was that all you had to do was bat your eyes to get your way (or get out of trouble) with theose male chauvanist cooks and chefs!!!!

  5. Michele W. says:

    I faked my way through an observation for school. Pretended I knew every detail of one of the tests. That was a few years ago. Now I understand the test, how to run and interpret it.

  6. Jenn B says:

    I faked my way through a job interview. I swore that I knew a computer program when in fact I didn’t!!!! You know what I got the job and am still working there today! (and learned the computer program!) The book sounds great! i hope I win!

  7. Cyndee Thomas says:

    I faked speaking Spanish in order to talk to this very handsome guy at a mall in Orlando Florida. He was in the line for Chic-fil-a. I hope I told him his tie was pretty. He turned around and smiled.
    He was so good looking:)

  8. erica s says:

    My first day at a new job they decided I was an expert in group dynamics [I’m not!!!] and had me give advice on holding a public meeting with a hostile non-English speaking crowd. I told them to take away the podium and sit close to the audience. Luckily it worked well.

  9. KevinLohxx says:

    Hmmm. Let’s see. OK, I was offered a place in Form 6 and I was given science. Seeing that I’m terrible in science, I appealed for arts. By doing so, I had to sit for an aptitude test. So I faked my way into the arts stream by answering all the question by selecting the non-science options!

  10. goweezie says:

    I faked my way through many a music lesson in my day – grade school, high school, college. Funny though I ended up successfully studying music and now do it as a career, hmmm.

  11. Sophie Bristow Harris says:

    I once faked a pregnancy :-O
    I’d recently miscarried and didn’t want to admit to myself that it had ended so I kept telling friends I still was for a few months until I actually fell pregnant fairly soon again and didn’t have to pretend anymore. I had to own up though or they would have wondered how my dates were so wrong!

  12. Kat Duncan says:

    I faked that I liked a meal when someone cooked it for me.

  13. Kathryn Hamilton says:

    This is going to sound so horrible, but I totally faked just about every single interaction I had with my ex’s mother. Some would say this was two-faced, but, really, it made my life easier just to pretend like I was interested in what she had to say.

  14. nikki57 says:

    Add me to the I faked my way through college. I feel like my degree was a true degree in BS not Sociology or any of my minors

  15. Amy O. says:

    Does faking my way as acting happy through the last year of my marriage count as being clean enough to post?

  16. Mary says:

    I have faked being strong more times than I can remember.

  17. chicklitcentral says: chose Jenn B. and goweezie! Congrats!

  18. Cari Kamm says:

    Thank you all for your comments! This was so much fun! Congrats to Jenn B. & goweezie! Your copies are in the mail! xo

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