Why We Love Chick Lit

Chick lit often takes the heat from the literati set but here a group of authors and readers unite to reveal why they love this ever-popular, ever-evolving genre.

I love chick lit because you can lose yourself in the story, relate to the characters, and completely see yourself doing the crazy antics they get up to! They are great escapes without being “your mama’s romance,” and are usually good for a laugh. I love writing chick lit because I love sharing the stories in my head with others, mostly so I don’t go crazy!
Becki Brannen, United States

It’s easy to underestimate the power of chick lit. Chick lit enlightens the dullest of days; a bad mood can be lifted by reading tales of unlikely lust discovered in idyllic villages or forgotten with far-fetched scenarios that provoke many a chuckle. Chick lit is there for us even more in these days of economic restraint, providing an escape to faraway shores or cosmopolitan cities without the outlay. Immersing yourself into the pages and chapters is the ultimate in treats; guaranteed to leave a smile, and maybe a few tears, on your face.
Emily Brobyn, England

I love chick lit because I can temporarily step away from the hustle-bustle of life, and travel within the spaces of reality and fiction anywhere anytime, to my convenience. I don’t need more stress in life by reading the ‘heavy’ stuff, I like to enjoy and laugh at what I read.
Devie Cynthiawati, Indonesia

People underestimate the power of funny. They dismiss it as silly or irrelevant. They think for a book to be good it has to be serious. I believe using humor lets us explore difficult or painful situations from death, to friendship dynamics, to addiction. Chick lit books can be entertaining, but they can also use that humor to open a door to discussion. Life is serious enough, bring on the laughter.
Eileen Cook, Canada

Chick lit is often defined as fiction written by women for women. But for me it’s just chick lit … as in smart, sassy and cool … chick lit as in chic. Reading chick lit is like a jouney where I find myself somewhere in the heroine … through her everyday struggles, her trials and tribulations, negotiating through life to self discovery. I can connect to her happiness – right from making someone smile to finding Mr Right, her pain – be it a broken nail or a broken heart. It makes me nod my head in recognition and it always leaves me wanting for more.
Pooja Dave, India

Dear Chick Lit,
When Love Walked In, Certain Girls who were Good in Bed were shaking with Little Earthquakes. Anybody Out There? I called. My heart was Skipping a Beat. I’ve Got Your Number. It may have started as Something Borrowed but you’ve taken me to Almost Paradise, keeping me Spellmanbound and now, you Belong to Me. Don’t play Hunger Games with my heart, Take A Chance on Me and spirit me away to The Forgotten Garden where, Believe It or Not, I have Dreams of Joy.
PS, I Love You
Dee DeTarsio, United States

I have been a fan of chick lit since I was about 15 when my sister introduced me to Adele Parks. I became hooked. I love chick lit because it has a unique stamp attached to it in which it can be about anything about women and we all know writing about women can go on for a long time. My favourite subjects in chick lit are babies, groups and weddings. I also like the recent trend to use social networking as a subject. Chick lit is always fresh and new and inspirational and makes you think that’s me! A lot of people think chick lit is boring and makes you seem stupid if you read it but I’m here to tell you it’s not. I’m standing proud and saying I love chick lit, so don’t shy away from embracing it with open arms.
Kat Duncan, Scotland

Chick lit, for me, is the essence of why I read a book. It’s pure escapism. Chick lit is about the possibilities a woman has. It’s about the perfect job, the great guy, and the fabulous wardrobe, all without the expense or worries which come from living real life. Of course there are usually some issues our heroine needs to deal with along the way. But by the end, everything is smoothed over and once again perfect. And really, what’s better than a happy ending, even if it’s fiction?
Leah Eggleston Krygowski, United States

Chick lit takes me to another world. There is nothing better than reading a nice warm, funny, friendly chick lit, putting my feet up on the sofa, with a nice cup of tea and a box of chocolates. It is great feeling to read about females and how they nearly always land the perfect man, after trouble within their life. Chick lit authors know what to provide to their reader, providing an easy read. Chick lit educates the reader but also provides the reader with a heroine whom they can relate to and know somebody like that in their life.
Sarah Griffiths, England

I love chick lit because it’s an escape from reality and the busy world that I inhabit every day. Everyone needs that now and again.
Gemma Harris, Wales

I love chick lit because it’s pure escapism and helps make a sometimes humdrum life bearable and infinitely more fun… It also fuels my beliefs that true love does exist and romance isn’t dead :o)
Sarah Jones, Wales

Explaining why I love chick lit in such a succinct manner is a serious challenge! I’ll do my best to keep things simple. Long before chick lit was formally defined as, “genre fiction which addresses issues of modern womanhood, often humorously and lightheartedly”, I was a fan. And, one of the main reasons for my appreciation was/is, each book has offered me the reminder I’m not alone in living the experiences of being a woman. Truly a wonderful gift. I’m grateful to every chick lit book that has given me that gift. Cheers to International Chick Lit Month!
Kathleen Kole, Canada

Oh, my. Where do I begin? Chick lit is not JUST a genre, it’s a combination of a few genres – romance, comedy and contemporary fiction! I love chick lit because it’s a sweet escape for me to leave the real world and live vicariously through the heroines in the books. I know, so what if I’m a guy? I get a good laugh, a few tears and altogether the warm, fuzzy feeling from reading chick lit. It makes me feel good, happy and understand women more. I love writing, reading chick lit and I love those who write them so I can support them! I mean, there’s no harm in reading fabulous romantic fiction, is there? Therefore, I HEART CHICK LIT.
Kevin Loh Zhi Wern, Malaysia

I think chick lit (and hen lit) provide women with the escapism we need in a modern world where a lot of us are trying to cope with careers, family and health issues, divorce, getting older, and a whole lot more. Personally, chick lit makes me forget my reality, and being a writer of two chick lit novels, I get to live life through my characters. My characters are more mature (on the cusp of 40+) and they are dealing with issues that affect women in my age group – but in the end, there is always a happy ending. Yay!
Sylvia Massara, Australia

Chick lit makes me feel good, both as a reader and a writer. It absorbs me, transporting me from the trials and tribulations of everyday life, my escape and my comfort. It makes me smile, even when it involves serious issues. And it allows me to fall in love with endless hot men …
Sue Moorcroft, England

When I read a book, I’m looking for the following things: an emotional rush, an escape and generally an overall feel-good glow at the finish. When I close a book for the last time, I’ll preferably be wiping away the odd tear, or grinning like a lunatic, content with the journey that the characters (who are often my new best friends) have taken. While every now and then I might delve into one of many other genres, sometimes crime fiction or perhaps adventure; I inevitably find myself always come back home to chick lit – my place of bliss.
Nicola Moriarty, Australia

Love, heartache, laughter. What’s not to love about chick lit? Although I’ve never been a pure romance reader, what appeals to me about chick lit is that the characters are typically relatable. Stories about relationship struggles, monetary struggles, workplace woes and more wrap into happy endings and provide an uplifting escape from everyday life. Chick lit novels can and do have depth and after a hard day in the real world who doesn’t love cuddling up with a cup of tea and a good girly book?
Misa Rush, United States

I love reading chick lit because it is grounded enough in reality to be relatable, yet embellished enough to be entertaining. I love reading chick lit because the career, friendship and romantic woes faced by the characters provide a much-needed escape from my own. I love reading chick lit because it makes me laugh, sometimes makes me cry and almost always makes me believe in happy endings.
Meredith Schorr, United States

For me chick lit is a genre who allows me to drift away from the real world and have some moments of sheer pleasure of reading. I love reading about love, romance, beautiful dresses, fashion, parties, BFFs, second chances in life, friendship and yes also the beautiful cities and countries where the story would be set up. It’s light and very quick to read plus it made me turn pages one after another. I like the magical world it creates in front of my eyes. I have vowed to read as much books possible in this genre.
Swati Sharma, India

I love chick lit novels because they are fabulous and sexy while pulling at my heartstrings and making me laugh all at the same time. Mix a good chick lit book with chocolate and wine, and that’s what I call a perfect evening!
Juliette Sobanet, United States

I love chick lit because it is funny, feisty and warm. I read in a lot of different genres but chick lit is what I read to make me feel good. I love the quirky female characters, the wit and the humour. I love the way that romance is there, but it isn’t the be all and end all. I love the way it takes me on an emotional journey and out the other side in safe hands. And what I really love about chick lit is the way it is so varied, just like the women who read it.
Lisa Walker, Australia

I’ve read many genres over the years but I would have to say that the majority of books that I read fall into the chick lit category. So why is this, I guess it’s because they generally have the feel-good factor in them, although some can make you cry, the majority can make you laugh out loud much to the amusement of others especially when reading on a train or bus. There’s so much doom and gloom in the world right now that it’s nice to escape into a good book to make things feel good for a few moments.
Sharon Wilden, England

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6 Responses to Why We Love Chick Lit

  1. Zorana, Croatia says:

    I love chick lit cause it makes me laugh, it makes me smile. It takes me to another world and wakes up my imagination.

  2. Margaret says:

    I love chick lit because it is a celebration of women. How wonderful it is to be one and share heartache, laughter, happiness and love with other women in a united bond. It can be comforting and empowering reading these stories. Hooray for International chick lit month!

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    Reblogged this on Romance Inc..

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