– Irish author Melissa Hill always uses unpredictable twists in her novels. Her latest, Something From Tiffany’s, is out this month.

For me a good twist is one that hits you with all the force of a speeding train, leaving you dizzy and breathless. And while at the time it feels like it’s come out of nowhere, you quickly realise that it’s been coming down the tracks all along; you just didn’t pay enough attention.

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One Response to QUICK QUESTIONS Melissa Hill

  1. Jessica Doyle says:

    I absolutely love your books so much!! I am twelve nearly thirteen and I am obsessed with your books!! I have read loads but my favourite has to be all because of you and never say never(I just finished never say never last night)!! These two are my favourites because it has the biggest twists ever!! It leaves you to believe one thing and then it’s completely wrong :O also the last to know and the one with the baby left on the doorstep was very good and a enjoyable read! Thank you for being such an amazing writer and well done aswell! Never stop writing! All the best Jessica Doyle xxxx:)

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