BOOK REVIEW Girl on the Run

Girl on the Run – Jane Costello
by Angela Smith, of Chicklit Club

Abby Rogers has never cared much for fitness or dieting so when her best friend, Jess, tries to set her up with the captain of the running club, Abby is surprised to think that maybe she’ll fancy running as much as she fancies Oliver. However, after her first session consists of her almost collapsing and making a fool of herself, she vows never to go back – Oliver or no Oliver. But, fate won’t have it. When Abby’s star employee, Heidi, makes a devastating announcement, Abby finds herself back at the running club and training for a half marathon. She also finds herself falling harder and harder for a man she shouldn’t be falling for at all, despite simultaneously lusting after Oliver. First off, the other guy is in a long-term relationship and secondly, she almost killed him – which didn’t get their friendship off on the right foot from day one. Will Abby be able to get the man of her dreams before it’s too late? And will she be able to keep her promise to run the half marathon without passing out during it? While the core focus of the story is running and getting fit, there are also many other elements creatively woven in throughout. It’s a story about temptation and romance, about finding your passion and sticking to your goals, it’s about believing in yourself and doing what you know is right no matter what the consequences may be. Abby is a character of strength and integrity who despite her flaws is able to make the reader want to know her personally. By the end of the story, Abby is someone you wish you had as a friend, which is probably one of the best compliments you can give a character in a novel.

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