My pick is Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. Yeah, yeah, so this technically isn’t a novel; it’s part memoir, part parenting handbook, and completely hilarious. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor’s narrative style makes you feel like you’re sitting at her kitchen table, swapping secrets and sneaking cigarettes. She is the smartass best friend every shell-shocked new mother wishes she could have on speed-dial. The book is brutally honest about the extreme endurance event that is first-time parenting, all the while offering humor and hope. It accomplishes everything a great chick lit book should: it makes you feel less alone in your personal struggles while simultaneously providing enough straight talk and snark to help you recognize the absurdity of your situation and laugh at yourself. It’s my go-to baby shower gift but you don’t have to be a mom to enjoy it. (You don’t have to like chardonnay, either—this book also pairs wonderfully with a triple espresso at 4.30am during a wicked bout of newborn-induced insomnia. Trust me.)

Beth Kendrick is the author of seven women’s fiction novels. Her latest release, The Bake-Off, involves scandal, sisterhood, and unlawful amounts of pie. When she’s not writing, Beth is usually attempting to manage the dog hair “situation” in her home or trying – and failing – to reason with her preschooler. For more information, visit her website: or her Facebook page:

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