BOOK REVIEW The First Husband

The First Husband – Laura Dave
by Annmarie Ottman, of Chicklit Club

Annie Adams, a Los Angeles-based travel writer, has been happily living with her boyfriend Nick for five years. When Nick comes home and suddenly announces that they need a break, Annie is devastated. She makes a promise to become the opposite of how she’s been. Days later, she wanders into a bar late one night and meets Griffin, a charming chef from Massachusetts. Griffin seems to offer Annie everything she was always looking for. Three months into their whirlwind romance, Annie is married to Griffin and living in Massachusetts. As she melts into Griffin’s life, his family and his past, Annie begins to question her decision. When Nick reappears everything gets complicated. A wonderfully written story about how complex true love can be. Readers will love and applaud the couple standing at the end.

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