AUTHOR POST Victoria Connelly

What Makes The Perfect Hero?
by Victoria Connelly

As a writer of romantic novels, I spend a lot of time thinking about heroes. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! But it’s a jolly good excuse to sit on a sofa and watch adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and tell your bemused husband that you are actually working! That’s the wonderful position I’ve been in writing my Jane Austen trilogy. A Weekend with Mr Darcy came out last September in the UK and The Perfect Hero is out now, and I’m just finishing Mr Darcy Forever. So you might guess that my own perfect hero is Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy himself.

What I love about Mr Darcy is that he makes mistakes – great big, gut-wrenchingly embarrassing mistakes! But he learns from them and he is willing to admit that he’s wrong to the woman he loves. That’s really sexy! And I love the way he works tirelessly behind the scenes to help Elizabeth’s family. He doesn’t shout about his good deeds – he just gets on with them.
But it’s not just Mr Darcy who’s captured my heart over the years. My addiction to films has provided many wonderful heroes from the quiet dignity and charm of James Stewart to the boy-next-door cuteness of Gene Kelly whose gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes never fail to make me sigh in delight.
But there are some wonderful real-life heroes too. My own personal favourite is the intrepid adventurer, Bear Grylls. He’s strong and independent and I love his enthusiasm and respect for the wild places of the world.
And – of course – there’s my husband who is kind, patient and wonderfully creative. He allows me the time and space to write and doesn’t mind when I keep rescuing animals like the ex-battery hens we’ve just rehomed, and he never makes a fuss when I watch yet another Jane Austen adaptation and swoon at the heroes in them! What more could you ask for in a hero?

Victoria Connelly has written stories all her life and her first published novel was made into a film in Germany. She’s now writing a trilogy about Jane Austen addicts, including The Perfect Hero, which was released last month. She lives in London with her artist husband, springer spaniel and hens.

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