What would you like to see in International Chick Lit Month next year?

As our inaugural International Chick Lit Month draws to a close, we’d love to hear what you enjoyed and what you’d like to see happen next year. Please comment away.

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7 Responses to What would you like to see in International Chick Lit Month next year?

  1. Nina says:

    I really enjoyed having this blog to go to this past month, and am really going to miss it! I loved the reviews, the giveaways, the author posts, etc. So that covers everything! Haha. As a chick-lit fan, what’s NOT to like?! I think it would be great to see some of the giveaways and posts coincide with each other. Like a guest post from an author accompanied with the chance to win her book, or a review paired with a giveaway, etc. Regardless it’s awesome and appreciated to win a free book, but that for me just adds a little added anticipation or excitement! Thanks for a great months of posts!

  2. Chanpreet says:

    I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the blog to see what’s been posted, when I wake up and right before I go to sleep. I’m going to miss the blog. 😦

    I do wish that all of the giveaways had been world wide. I know first hand how expensive shipping is, but there is always surface mail if it’s coming from Europe, and if you’re here in the US, you’ve only got one choice, first class air mail.

    I also think Nina’s got a great idea to have giveaways matching that days posts.

  3. Kevin Loh says:

    Hi! I would definitely miss this month!
    Hope many more to come!
    I loved the giveaways and posts by authors and reviews. Really great stuff to celebrate Chick Lit!
    By the way, I’ve entered the The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and I would be ecstatic if I were to get a copy!
    Cheerio! 🙂

  4. Susan S says:

    Ahhh – is it almost over. 😦

    I agree with all the comments above and I want to add that I am really going to miss this site everyday. You all did a great job! It has been fun and I wish it was more than a month. Can’t wait till next year!

  5. ICLM has been a success. I looked forward to visiting the blog, entering giveaways, and meeting fellow chick lit lovers. Next year I suggest a blogger hop.

    • Thanks guys for all your support and suggestions. Marie, what exactly is a blogger hop?

      • It’s kind of like a blog tour. We can all participate in ICLM by featuring an author interview, giveaway, or book review.

        The schedule would be posted here, or you could set up a post with everyone posting their links. It gives other bloggers and chick lit lovers a chance to meet and interact.

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