BOOK REVIEW The Single Girl’s To-Do List

The Single Girl’s To-Do List – Lindsey Kelk
by Xiu Ting Low, of Chicklit Club

Somebody else would have described her as just being organised (full stop) but Rachel Summers is more than just that. A self-proclaimed listomanic, she’s always ticking off her daily lists of to-dos, making sure everything is under control. For now, the one at the top of her list is to get her boyfriend back, after he initiates a temporary time-out from their relationship, and Rachel needs more than just a sexy outfit to get it done. She turns up at Simon’s “casual Friday” hangout, waiting for her opportunity to talk to him so everything will fall into place – at least that’s what Rachel thought. But when he dumps her on the streets with the oh-so cliche “I love you but you’re not the one”, she is left devastated, humiliated and for the first time in 16 years, single. Her two best friends step in to get Rachel’s life back on track. Writing her a single girl’s to-do list, they come up with 10 things she has to complete before her dad’s wedding. Stepping outside her comfort zone, and attempting things she’s never ever imagined herself doing, Rachel starts on a whole new journey filled with adventure, fun and the unexpected. You will not only fall in love with the heroine, with her over-the-top obsession with lists, but also with her gay best friend, Matthew (my favourite character with his exaggerated actions and honesty), and best girlfriend Emelie. Hilarious and cleverly written, this novel is one to definitely add to your to-read list.

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5 Responses to BOOK REVIEW The Single Girl’s To-Do List

  1. Ooh cannot wait to read this. Lindsey Kelk is such a good chick lit writer. This book is sure to tide me over until I Heart Vegas.

  2. Lucy says:

    Well….I laughed so much…..I also cried especially when Simon left I know exactly the feeling she had and the feeling I am so scared to have again….I make lists, I am part of a trio (gay best friend included) and I love this book!!!!!! also the leggings and White t shirt long blonde hair and tucking behind the ears…..that’s me!! No wonder I loved this book lol!! X

  3. nadine says:

    This book is highly recommended. I do not like reading. but we had to write an essay. So I had to find a book. I read this book in three weeks. heavy for someone who does not love to read. but for my next essay I will definitely choose another book from her. I never expected that I would experience so much fun. mainly because I’m Dutch. makes reading a difficult piece

  4. SunnyD says:

    This book was superb! Written well and its hilarious. highly recommended!

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