BOOK REVIEW Finding Mr Flood

Finding Mr Flood – Ciara Geraghty
by Stephanie Pegler, of Chicklit Club

Dara Flood’s older sister, Angel, needs a liver transplant – and perhaps her last hope is their father, who walked out on the family just before Dara was born. So Dara, who works at a dog pound, teams up with private detective Stanley to find Mr Flood. This touching novel highlights the anguish of those waiting for a transplant. One phone call can mean so much to these families. With Geraghty’s flair as a natural storyteller, this novel has well-fleshed-out main characters and an engaging supporting cast from the reclusive elderly neighbour to Stanley’s macho policemen brothers. Offering a different take on looking for a “perfect match”, this captivated from the very first page.

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