TOP TIP Martina Reilly

My top writing tip, after much consideration, is this –
Get a proper set-up! By this I mean have the right chair, the right desk, have the keyboard at arms length from you and the computer screen at eye level. As someone who for years wrote sitting on her bed, back plumped up by pillows and a cup of tea resting alongside, I can tell you, it’s disastrous. It’s also, as I discovered, incredibly expensive paying for physios to sort backs and necks out. If you don’t take care of your work environment, you won’t be able to write and as someone who adores her job, having to abandon her writing whilst recovering was torturous.
My other tip (if I’m allowed another tip :)) is to just show up every day and write. Even if it’s not going well, one day, your conscious mind will find a solution to the plot/character problems you’ve been toying with. And that is why we write – because the joy of the illumination makes it worthwhile.

Martina Reilly is the author of 15 novels, the latest of which is A Moment Like Forever. Her next, Even Better Than the Real Thing, will be out soon.

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