BOOK REVIEW Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls – Amanda Brobyn
by Angela Smith, of Chicklit Club

Tina Harding doesn’t believe in the psychic world, yet when she is dragged to a psychic fair by her employee, Chantelle, she is surprised to find that the allure of knowing your destiny is hard to resist. After sitting with a psychic with a crystal ball that holds all the secrets to Tina’s future, the hard-working businesswoman feels like she has found a quick and easy way to know exactly what is going to happen before it actually happens. After years of putting her painful past as a failed actress behind her, Tina is thrilled at the prospect of having a head start on her future, love life and her career. As Tina soon finds out, things don’t always go to plan – even when you have the help of a crystal ball. Her flirty liaisons with the gorgeous real estate maven, Brian Steen, seem to run out of steam before they even get going for one reason or another. But, no matter what, the crystal ball is always right…isn’t it? Tina is an entertaining character and the storyline flows along easily while not losing itself along the way. At the end of it all, whether you’re a fan of psychics or not, this book is sure to entertain you and make you laugh until you cry.

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