TOP TIPS Melanie Rose

My top writing tips for aspiring writers:
* Watch and listen to everyone and everything around you whether actively writing or not – inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.
* Try to write something every day, even if it gets deleted later on.
* Have believable characters – make sure that what you want them to say sounds natural and realistic.
* Delete scenes if they don’t excite you. It’s better to jettison them than risk slowing down the flow of the story.
* Do thorough research.
* If you can’t get your work noticed, try self-publishing with a reputable company. I self-published my first novel which was voted one of the favourite reads of the year by listeners of BBC Radio 4. I then found a literary agent, who offered my work to a top publisher who signed me for three books – one of which was my debut novel – Could it be Magic? (Published by Bantam in the US as Life as I Know It.)
* Work hard doing book signings, reviews and promotions for your book. And if you believe in your work, never give up!

Melanie Rose is the author of Life as I Know It and Finding Home. (Previously published as Could it be Magic? and Coming Home in the UK.) A third book, Down to Earth, has recently been released in the UK.

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