BOOK REVIEW Attachments

Attachments – Rainbow Rowell
by Stephanie Pegler, of Chicklit Club

Lincoln still lives with his mum and spends his nights working as an IT guy at The Courier newspaper. His main task is checking emails caught by a web security program and firing off warning notices to staff who misuse their work email. Movie reviewer Beth and features copy editor Jennifer know their emails can be monitored but it hardly stops the two friends exchanging lots of personal details about their lives and loves. Beth is mulling over the fact she doesn’t have much in common with her muso boyfriend Chris anymore while Jennifer is wondering if it’s time for her to start a family with her keen husband. As Lincoln is drawn into their exchanges, he finds himself attracted to one of the women. But how can a lonely guy like him approach her, especially since he knows stuff about her that he really shouldn’t? Set in 1999, amid the hysteria about the Y2K bug, this is a charming and funny story about office romance in the technology age. With really engaging characters, it alternates between Lincoln’s story and the emails between Beth and Jennifer. Loved it, loved it although thought the ending let it down a bit. But would happily read a sequel … Definitely one of the strongest debuts of 2011.

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2 Responses to BOOK REVIEW Attachments

  1. Cathy says:

    Yay! Really good to know..I just won this on anoter blogger’s site…so psyched to get it in the mail! Although I mut say I like the cover here posted much better. There is definitely an IT Lit trend I keep feeling like is getting bigger and bigger in chick lit…no surprise there with e-everything now:)

  2. Elisa says:

    I loved this book! Actually, I listened to it on audio. I don’t know if the book brings out the character’s personalities but this narrator did an excellent job and for me it’s all about the characters and if I like them. There wasn’t one character I didn’t like.

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