CLASS OF 11 Lotte Daley

Lessons I’ve Learnt
by Lotte Daley, the London-based author of Faking It

(with our thanks to Elle Symonds, of Trashionista)

Although I have never ever dated anyone like Jack Hunter, the fact that Jack Hunter placed such importance on labels and how he looked definitely reminded me of a particular ex which inspired me to write Faking It!
The recession pushed me into finally sitting down and writing seriously.
I’d been trying to master it for years, and living back with my mum, dad and sister in the countryside, I had the ideal time to get down and do it. So I did! I bought myself a writers and artists yearbook, made a list of all the agents who dealt with commercial women’s fiction and set about writing a synopsis.
Originally I wasn’t going to write Faking It, I had another idea I’d been working on for a long time, but my agent didn’t quite like it enough to be able to confidently represent me. So I resubmitted to her again and she became my agent – Ger from The Book Bureau. She’s absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t write without her! On only a handful of pages I landed a publishing deal with Penguin. I only had three months to submit 100,000 words to Penguin so it was a challenge indeed!! I loved it though, loved writing the novel – it was such a delight!
I have learnt a lot along the way. Biggest myth is that you land massive amounts of money on a book deal, you don’t. Also I thought I’d get loads of publicity but I haven’t had any apart from the publicity I’ve managed to generate myself – Star magazine and Heat magazine, organising competitions with Mr Paparazzi and sending books to various places – I wish I had saved up for that as posting is mega expensive so I’ve not managed to get as many out as I wished!
Also big thing, never thank people like casual boyfriends and people you’re not so close to as when the book comes out and you don’t speak to them anymore (as many girls do with their exes!) you’re stuck with their names on your book!!
It’s not easy to sit down and make the time to write a novel, the opening sentence is tough to get but once you’ve nailed it the feeling is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! If writing a novel is your dream, never give up and stock up on coffee, you’ll need it!

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