BOOK REVIEW The Baby Planner

The Baby Planner – Josie Brown
by Alexandria Vail, of Chicklit Club

Katie Johnson has just lost her government safety and product recall job. She makes a detailed step-by-step pregnancy book for her newly pregnant sister – including the safest products, furniture, and clothes on the market – and realises her talent could be profitable. Katie becomes an instant pregnancy guru in San Francisco. Her website becomes the “go-to” website for expectant mums, and Katie finally finds a career she loves. There’s only one problem – Katie, 37, is longing for a child but her husband Adam doesn’t want children. Each time Katie approaches the subject with him, he puts it off, and Katie isn’t sure what’s more important to her anymore – having a baby or being married to Adam. Things get a bit more complicated when Katie becomes attached to her most desperate client, Seth Harris’ daughter Sadie. Katie has some serious decisions to make. When I started reading this book I was sure I knew the ending but I was so so wrong. I read it in one day and I loved every page.

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2 Responses to BOOK REVIEW The Baby Planner

  1. mark says:

    Sounds like a good book. Thanks for the review.

  2. Pregnancy books are very necessary for the women to know the awareness of the pregnancy .This book is quite interesting .

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