AUTHOR PICKS Miranda Dickinson

As a writer, I am inspired by authors who push the boundaries of their genre. As soon as you’re published, there’s a tendency for you to be put in a neat little box and it can be hard to break free from stereotypes of the type of author people think you should be. Writers that confound expectations are my biggest heroes!

For this reason, my Author Pick would be the sickeningly talented Sarah Addison Allen. I’ve read two of her books so far, The Sugar Queen and The Girl Who Chased the Moon, and completely adored them. Her characters are wonderful, almost other-worldly beings, who struggle with problems we all identify with, but in unique and imaginative ways beyond everyday experience. The Sugar Queen has a character who is followed around by self-help books that urge her make decisions throughout the story, while The Girl Who Chased the Moon features a bedroom where the wallpaper changes to match the mood of its occupant. Love stories are interwoven with magical happenings, and the language the author uses gives the impression that each story is a classic tale.

I love reading novels that expand my perception in some way or another, and Sarah Addison Allen’s books do just that. But, crucially, at the heart of her work lies a real understanding of love in all its forms. As a writer, what interests me is how love plays a part in all our lives: how it works out (or otherwise) can determine what we discover about ourselves. Sarah Addison Allen’s books place love at the centre of everything and, at the end of her stories you are left with the most delicious sense of fulfilment. As a sucker for a happy ending myself, I can’t think of anything better to leave readers with!

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2 Responses to AUTHOR PICKS Miranda Dickinson

  1. Cathy says:

    I loved Miranda Dickinson’s first novel, Fairytale of New York and the story behind how she got it published was a fairytale in and of itself! She has truly inspired me to keep on writing myself. I just tried SAA this year too and it made me realize that a lot of books these days a la Sarah Addison Allen take on the theme of magical reality…i’ve really enjoyed these types of books and hope to read more by both MD and SAA soon. Thanks, Miranda, for sharing with us all here!!

  2. Kristia L says:

    This was a fabulous book. I would highly recommend it to everyone! A definite must read!

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