BOOK REVIEW The Making of Us

The Making of Us – Lisa Jewell
by Anna Bell, of Chicklit Club

Daniel’s dying in a hospice and being kept company by his friend Maggie. In his last days he reveals his deepest secret about his children he’s never met. Lydia has the amazing London mansion, the millions to spend, but she’s desperately lonely. Dean is struggling with life, thinking that even his new baby knows he’s a loser. Robyn is pretty, intelligent and following in her father’s footsteps to medical school. But all three are desperately unhappy, feeling something is missing in life. And then they meet each other and begin to understand their place in the world. This is a brilliant and beautifully written book, with a strong, engaging story. It has a great mix of tragedy, happiness and humour. It is written from the different characters’ perspectives giving you a great insight into each character. It’s a real page-turner, so make sure you clear your schedule when you start reading!

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One Response to BOOK REVIEW The Making of Us

  1. Talei Loto says:

    Ah, this sounds like a fab read. I shall add to my list!! Thank you for the heads up. 😉

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