TOP TIP Shari Low

I’ve written 10 books now and one thing has been true of all of them – in each novel I created a character that I fell madly in love with. In my debut, What If?, I lusted after the hero that saved the day and my poor husband frequently had to remind me that Mr. Perfection wasn’t actually real. In My Best Friend’s Life it was a male stripper called Jude. I was flushed for much of that experience. In my next book, Friday Night with the Girls, I was besotted with one of the leading ladies’ husbands. Please don’t judge me – I didn’t act on it and it’s not a habit I carry over into real life. This writing practice may not be easy to do if your novel is a science fiction masterpiece about a space station inhabited only by aliens, but in the romantic comedy genre I find it gives the love story honesty and depth. And it also makes the sexy scenes far more interesting. Nothing beats spending an afternoon dreaming up raunchy things to do with a 6ft tall, lovable, funny, finely formed Adonis . . .

Over the years, Shari has been a nightclub manager, a sales rep, run health clubs and lived in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and Los Angeles. She has been fat, thin, in love, out of love, back in love again, then out of love (this could go on for a while), a wife, a mother, good at reading bed-time stories, rubbish at football, obsessed with travelling, addicted to eBay, and blessed with a group of fantastic friends. Shari now lives with her lovely husband and two very funny sons near Glasgow. She also writes a weekly opinion column for the Daily Record. And she’s currently medium-sized, in love and looking for a bargain break to New York or Sydney. Her website is at

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One Response to TOP TIP Shari Low

  1. carmen reid says:

    Ha ha, so true Shari! I am such a loyal and devoted wife in real life, but when I get behind the laptop… ah, the many, many lovely men I’ve dreamed up to spend my days with! Carmen xx

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