AUTHOR PICKS – Ali McNamara Chooses Cecelia Ahern

My favourite ‘Chick-Lit’ author.

I’m not sure my favourite chick lit author can really be classed as ‘chick-lit’. But it’s Cecelia Ahern.

Everyone thinks of PS I Love You when they think of Cecelia, but it’s her latter books I really love because they’re just so different. Cecelia isn’t afraid to take a risk with something unusual, whether that’s a story about a book that can give away the future, or a connection between two people who share a blood transfusion. I particularly loved ‘A Place Called Here.’ Anyone who can write a story about a place where those things that always seem to go missing disappear to and actually make it work is fabulous.  I also salute her publishers – Harper Collins, for allowing Cecelia’s wild imagination to run free on to the page, and be allowed to turn into the fabulously quirky stories I love so much. And I hope she continues to break the boundaries of ‘chick-lit’ by writing about more than just shoes, shopping and finding Mr Right for many more years to come!

Ali McNamara has a website at

Visit Ali on Twitter @alimcnamara

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One Response to AUTHOR PICKS – Ali McNamara Chooses Cecelia Ahern

  1. Melissa A says:

    I love her books too!

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