FAN BASE Novel Escapes

Chick Lit Has Grown Up With Us
by Lydia & Kathryn, from

Oh chick lit? Where do I even begin?
It’s fitting that May has been deemed International Chick Lit Month, because it was the month I fell in love with Bridget Jones’s Diary. While reading the now infamous novel, I was unsettled and excited to discover just how much of my life mirrored the one portrayed on those pages. These women were just like me! They were single and dating, maybe had a lousy boyfriend or just broke up with someone. They were smart, even
with ditzy moments, feisty, had great relationships with their friends and were searching for their fairytale ending.

Oddly, Kathryn and I never cared for the shoes and shopping in early chick lit and were thrilled when the genre took a turn to cover smarter, sassier women who aren’t obsessed with shoes or desperate to find a man. But I’ll never complain when love magically turns up!
I love that chick lit has grown along with me. As I got married, so did chick lit heroines. While they struggled with their marriages, unfortunately, so did I and I’ve watched them suffer through separation and divorce and knew that I would end up all right after my own.
I love the humour and the warmth of chick lit, the range of topics portrayed, the relationships between women and most importantly, the life lessons the protagonists learn.
I’m completely addicted and will never stop reading the genre that stole my heart.

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