Why I Love Chick Lit by Samantha Robey

We’re supporters of all things Chick Lit–especially our Chick Lit sister websites like ChickLitPlus. And we’re thrilled that ChickLitPlus’ creator and founder, Samantha Robey is celebrating International Chick Lit Month with us by dishing on why she fell hard for her favorite genre.


When I first decided I was going to create my own book blog, I had to decide on a niche. Chick lit was my decision almost immediately. Sure, the catchy covers that featured flashy woman and my favorite color pink helped grab my attention, but it was the stories that really made me love this genre. Reading and supporting chick lit has led me all over the world, and let me follow the journeys of so many fantastic heroines. I have traveled to London and became a shopaholic, I have made it to New York to pursue fashion, but I have also found Prince Charming in Georgia and reconnected with my sister in Texas.

I still cannot understand why chick lit is the “stepchild” of book genres. Not only do I find these books appealing in design, but I love the stories and appreciate the writing by the hard-working and talented writers. Chick lit is not only women’s fiction, not only romance, but it is all those mixed together, and then there needs to be humor injected between the pages. I have tried writing chick lit, and let me tell you – it wasn’t easy. I quickly realized that just because I love reading this genre, didn’t mean I was destined to become a chick lit author. I find it very odd that in a world where we celebrate comedy and especially comediennes, that chick lit doesn’t get more recognition. Not only are shows such as 30 Rock and Modern Family becoming a TV staple during the week, but actresses such as Tina Fey and Sofia Vergara are being celebrated for their comedic chops.

I read many different genres. There are times when I simply can’t handle reading an emotional story about a heroine who lost her mother to breast cancer during the same month her husband was hit by a train during the same time her child was kidnapped. I can only read so many of these books in a row before they start to take a toll on my psyche. I can only shed so many tears in a short time frame. With mysteries, I can’t handle reading into the dark hours of the night because I’m too afraid that the scratching noise at my window is the crazed gunman coming to get me for revenge. When I read too many romance novels in a row, I start to question my own wonderful relationship with a loving boyfriend, and wonder why we don’t act like the over-the-top, sex-crazed characters in the books I am reading. But with chick lit, I can read these novels anytime, and I can read as many in a row that I want. I welcome the laughter, the slightly off-beat heroine with a personal journey that I know will leave a lesson with me, and keep me entertained along the way.

The answer to why I love chick lit is simple: the stories are funny, the heroines likeable, and lessons are learned. Whether I learn about love, family, friendships, a career, something will stand out between the pages. As an extremely independent woman, I love having these fantastic books that I can turn to, not to mention an outstanding support system of other great woman – and that includes authors, agents, publishers, readers, and fellow bloggers. I am so excited to be taking part in the International Chick Lit Month, and I absolutely adore the tagline: Because every woman deserves her happy ending. Let’s have a great month celebrating together!

To find out more about Samantha Robey, visit ChickLitPlus.com, CLP Blog Tours and follow her on Facebook.

Thanks, Samantha!

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15 Responses to Why I Love Chick Lit by Samantha Robey

  1. deedetarsio says:

    Great post, Samantha! I am also all about the happy endings!!

  2. Melissa A says:

    I enjoyed reading this too. It’s people like us and the other chick lit bloggers that keep chick lit alive and going strong! If not for readers, then who would anyone write for? 🙂

  3. Lucie Simone says:

    You brought up a really great point about Tina Fey and Sophia Vergara being awarded for their comedic talents. Chick lit authors are often described as writing “fluff” simply because it isn’t serious literature. Which is completely false. Tons of chick lit authors tackle serious issues. They just do it with a dash of humor.

  4. Misa Rush says:

    I love chick lit because it takes me away from the busy grind of daily life. When I work 50 hours a week, take care of my kids, deal with bills, housework and other issues, I simply want to read something fun. I don’t understand why some people can’t understand that either. Keep writing girls!

  5. Michelle says:

    What a great post, Samantha!!

  6. Shannon J says:

    I agree! Chicklit is perfect because the stories take you where you want to go have happy endings and are just plan fun!! Life is too serious most of the time you need something to lighten it up and keep it fun!! Great post thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Jeannette P says:

    Great post! Happy endings are the very best!!

  8. Jerriann Graff says:

    I love happy endings and I love the chick lit sites.

  9. chicklitplus says:

    Thank you for having me! I had so much fun writing this article 🙂

  10. Great article, Samantha – spot on!

  11. Nina Priddy says:

    I also love the happy endings, I love the drama in between and the the happy ending to all the drama! I love reading and I just love a book that leaves you feeling good in the end!

  12. Jules says:

    Great post!

    I love reading other genres as well but I always come back to chick lit because they are often a great pick me up, and a great way to spend the afternoon reading when you just want to be entertained!

  13. Clodagh says:

    Great post, Samantha! I totally agree with what you say about comedy writing being under-valued.

  14. Novelicious says:

    I loved this post, Samantha!

  15. Kirsten says:

    I’m lucky to “know” Samantha Robey, as she’s one of the hardest working women celebrating chick lit authors. It seems that each day, she’s reading a new chick lit piece to review and post. I hope that Samantha receives much credit for bringing notoriety to the chick lit authors, as her site, Chick Lit Plus, is one of the best there is.

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