BOOK REVIEW Postcards From The Heart

Postcards from the Heart – Ella Griffin
by Shirley Benton-Bailey, of Chicklit Club

This follows the complicated lives of four friends. From the outside, Saffy looks like she’s got things sorted – glitzy job, check, an apartment on the right side of town, check, TV star boyfriend, check. But what if she wants a TV star husband? Greg, the star in question, is about to get his big break in Hollywood. Where does that leave him and Saffy? As for Greg’s best friend Conor, he’s no more sorted in the love department. His long-term girlfriend Jess, with whom he has two kids, won’t marry him – something he desperately wants to change her mind about. He keeps his mind off his predicament by writing his novel and wondering if he will ever get anywhere with it. For these four people, happy endings are starting to drift further and further away – and the fact that everyone’s keeping secrets isn’t helping matters either… While I enjoyed the plot, what I really loved about the book was Ella Griffin’s writing – it is sophisticated, accomplished and intrinsically witty. Her words flow wonderfully, and the humour is embedded into the tale in a really subtle manner. I initially liked the characters – even Greg (his habit of mixing up his words affords great comic effect) – then grew to care about them. For me, this book was indicative of a writer with a lot to give in the future. Roll on her next book!

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