AUTHOR POST Sarah Kate-Lynch

A Real-Life Fairytale
by Sarah Kate-Lynch

I loved fairytales as a kid, grew out of them for a couple of decades and now I am right back in love with them again. Doom and gloom? No thanks. Dark and stormy? Only if it’s a cocktail.
The older I get, the more I want my happy endings, although part of growing up, of course, is realizing that in real life they don’t come automatically. But part of being a novelist is that you can tell real life to sling its hook and end each story exactly the way you want to, not the way the universe would have it. Oh joy!

I think the universe and I are on the same page, however, with the enchanting wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. I watched the wedding in Charleston, South Carolina, after setting the alarm for 5.30am so I could get up, put on pearls with my pyjamas and toast the royal couple with a mimosa which, by the way, is a fine way to start the morning. I might make it a permanent staple.
Anyway, I started blubbing the moment I saw Kate leave her hotel. I always cry at weddings, but usually I know the person and I’m right there with them – and there’s food. This time, I was crying because she had such class, looked so beautiful, and because she’s an ordinary girl just like you or I (only thinner) who gets to be a princess.
The pomp and ceremony were one thing but the moment that had my heart singing was when she got in the carriage with her new husband after leaving Westminster Abbey, turned to him, and said: “I’m so happy.”
That’s a real-life fairytale in the making if ever there was one.
My husband, not the biggest royal fan ever, nonetheless rose out of his slumber to bring me a box of tissues when he heard me snivelling, and dropped a throw around my shoulders to keep me from getting cold.
I guess you don’t need the tiara to find your own Prince Charming.

Sarah-Kate Lynch is the New Zealand author of seven novels including House of Daughters and the recently released Dolci di Love (Plume) which has its own happy ending involving Tuscany, biscotti, a Secret League of Widowed Darners and a handsome Italian. She is currently working on her next book which includes Manhattan honey, Charleston manners, and matchmaking bees. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook or visit her website at

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