Cougars – Claire Irvin
by Alexandria Vail, of Chicklit Club

When Caroline Walker finds out Les, her husband of more than 20 years, has been cheating on her, her perfect world crumbles. Now a single mother of a teenage girl Rachel, and a successful (a.k.a. busy!) business owner, Caroline is sexy, fit, and after a pep talk from her best friend Maryanne – she’s ready to party. Maryanne shows Caroline a life full of glitz, glamour, parties, and best of all, younger men. This book’s main focus is relationships: Caroline’s mother-daughter relationship with Rachel, her relationship with her best friends Esther and Maryanne, her relationships with her employees at work, and most intriguing, her relationship with a 19-year-old male-model named Adam. As Caroline looks deeper into her relationships she finds that things aren’t always what she thought they were, divorce has given her a new outlook on life. Then everyone’s world is flipped upside-down with the announcement of a pregnancy. An interesting and funny read, I couldn’t put it down. I am looking forward to Claire Irvin’s next book.

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